Spicci is Dead

Spicci was a tough dude. Some people are saying he got SWATTED or died in a standoff with SWAT. Other people are saying Spicci got into a gun fight with an unknown party. The consensus though is that Spicci is dead. I’ve talked with the man several times. I never really understood what Spicci was trying to express in his trademark look (see the picture in the Tweet below).

Spicci lived fast.

While many are mourning the loss of Spicci, some are talking replacement.

Some just want answers…

Others are still angry.

But, the mourning goes on…

R.I.P. Spicci

Whether you were doxxing Corporate Sponsors of the Unsavory, Pissing off Journalists, Trying to Entrap a Pedo or just T.H.O.T Patrolling, you did it right.

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