Everybody’s Heard of Paul Town but Stabtown???

To some, Portland, OR may be a nice change of pace to the traffic of Southern California. Portland has some pretty good food and it’s green with lots of vegetation. A new website wants the world to know there is a great deal of red in Portland, a great deal of blood-red.

Some areas of Portland are very suburban. Portland is therefore somewhat quaint or idealistic. However, it is also rife with hipsters, and the passive-aggressive. It has Powell Books the world’s largest bookstore. Stabbings are apparently becoming an issue in Portland and, some people are now calling Portland by a new name…

Some are calling Portland…

You can get a Stabtown Shirt, Mug or Clock Even 😐

Every city has at least one thing, something it’s known for. Portland has a few, food trucks, the bookstore, the Burnside Skatepark, and the “Portlandia” show on IFC. Now, it has stabbings 😐

Stabbings happen fast. They aren’t as easy to spot as a lingering junkie or the human feces dotting the landscape on the streets of San Francisco. Frisco has a website dedicated to mapping the occurrence of street-shitting. Portland’s stabtown.com has been tracking stabbings in Portland since late 2017. There is no word on whether the “oh-so-quirkily-funny” show “Portlandia” show will feature stabtown.com in a funny future episode(s) but, we here at Marxist-Degeneracy do like stabtown.com.

The Site is Classy with Good Graphics

Did We Mention They also have Merch 😐

Stabtown.com seems to be pretty legit, their bar for counting what stabbings they report is pretty. The bat may actually be a little too high,

In practice, that means the stabbing(counted) appears either in a news account from a mainstream news organization such as OPB, The Oregonian, television news and so on, or in an official government release such as from Portland Police.

We don’t accept reports from anonymous Internet users. We also don’t accept the delightful @pdxalerts, though their tweets often wind up being followed by more credible sources. The challenge with @pdxalerts and other scanner monitoring is that called-in stabbings don’t always turn out to be real stabbings when the police arrive.

This approach means that we certainly will miss some stabbings, maybe even many stabbings, because not all of them are reported. Portland made it through all of June 2018 without resetting the clock, but we heard plenty of unofficial reports of stabbings.

2018 was stabtown.com’s first full year counting Portland stabbings. As this story goes to press, the last stabbing stabtown recorded was on December 29, 2018. The site has a timer that resets each time they record a Portland stabbing. Stabtown also links to the source of virtually every stabbing they record. They also maintain a map recording where the stabbings they record happened.

Overall, we here at Marxist-Degeneracy rate stabtown.com a “buy.” We advise you, our dear readers, to sell stabtown stock once news of it hits the MSM.

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