Lesbian Body Melt Burials

“Breaking Bad’s” main characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman had some bodies to dispose of during their careers as meth cooks. The characters twice used an acid to basically melt the bodies.

Gory Stuff that was Bad for Business

What if You can Melt Down a Loved One instead of burying them though?

A 40-Something-Lesbian, Katrina Mogielnicki Spade is an American designer, entrepreneur, and death care advocate. She can get your loved one melted down so you can feed “them” to a house plant or, an apple tree or, something.

Ms. Spade can get you, your SIDS child or you parent melted down and turned into plant food. On top of that she is looking to be a pretty instrumental force in getting Washington State to legalize “human composting.” According to NBC News, the Washington State Legislature will be looking to pass a law to legalize for human composting starting next month.

Human composting is highly eccentric indeed, and even wrong to us here at Marxist-Degeneracy. Frankly, we think the brainchild of a lesbian-scientist-woman is already most out of the ordinary if not unsavory. Before Ms. Spade started working on processing people into mud or mulch chips or whatever, she was working on her Urban Death project at the Urban Death Project.

Ms. Spade’s ideas aren’t just stop at the macabre. Her ideas are as strange as two men getting married. For instance,

“We really only have two easily accessible options in the U.S. — cremation and burial,” she said. “And the question is: Why do we only have two options, and what would it look like if we had a dozen?”

The Washington State Representative’s reasoning for legalizing “human composting” are just as queer as well. That is to say, it does not add up,

Pedersen sees recomposition as an environmental and a social justice issue. He said allowing it would particularly benefit people who can’t afford a funeral or aren’t comfortable with cremation. Recompose aims to charge $5,500 for its services, while a traditional burial generally cost more than $7,000 in 2017, according to the National Funeral Directors Association. (Cremation can cost less than $1,000, though that doesn’t include a service or an urn.)

emphasis mine

Sooo, People who aren’t comfortable with cremation are going to be comfortable being made into human dirt???

That’s doubtful.

Being made into muck and thrown in a flower bed may help plants but, over time, a family that is all mulched together is likely to produce children who are more rootless than they were. We may even get more homosexuals from this in the long run…

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