MAGA Under New NYC Legal Attack Over Census

NYC is trying to stick it yet again to all those who would see America made “Great Again” including our President, President Trump. The semi-bird-faced Mayor of New York City, Bill De Blasio has launched a new initiative to benefit illegals and Democratic Party on this, the day the Democrats retake the Congress on a National level.

You’ve heard of “no taxation without representation” but “representation without taxation or, even citizenship?” That’s what the bird-faced Mayor of New York, Bill De Blassio and his team are seeking to get for Mexicans, S. Americans and whoever else lives in New York City illegally.

According to the AmsterdamNews NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio has appointed a new commissioner to oversee the upcoming 2020 National Census. A big concern of the De Blasio Administration, again according to AmsterdamNews is that,

New York City has historically been undercounted, especially in communities of color and immigrant communities. Leaders said they plan to get the word out through the use of volunteers, outreach in ethnic media and organizations.

The DeBlasio Administration is also concerned that President Trump has previously announced that the 2020 Census will be asking for resident status. This is a big deal to the De Blasio Administration. At the very least, the City of New York will be challenging the new question’s validity.

“For the first time in 70 years, the Census now includes a question on citizenship,” Menin said. “A matter we in New York City are a lead plaintiff on because we know that this question is not only unlawful, but we know what it’s really about. Immigrants in this city and across the country know that by asking this question, the federal government seeks to silence them.”

Here is a draft of the question from NPR,

From here.

In 2010, the Census Bureau took GPS Coordinates from residences. While nobody really made headlines battling that, Mayor Bill is concerned that people who are breaking the law while being in the States might not get counted for the gibbs.

The Census determines what portion of 600-700 billion dollars counties and voting districts get. It also determines how many Congressional Seats a State gets. Bill is no doubt concerned about that fact. With both the money and political power that Census results levy, it seems like a pretty big deal. Counting non-citizens as citizens may lead to greater Democratic power and to a hastening of the decline of White power.

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