Nissan Murano Is Real?

I don’t want to sound paranoid here but, but, I find Nissan’s Murano Cross-over SUV to be really startling. I’m startled every time I see it. Recall that there was that Alex Jones “is real – israel” meme. That was some shit… I’m an honest man and I hope I’m not staring the beast right in the eye with this Murano shit. I also don’t want to be the joke AJ is or be sued like Alex Jones has been, repeatedly.

Those Nissan Murano vehicles are all over the roads and I’m constantly startled. I try to get away from them and I usually do.

Spanish Jews who nominally converted to Catholicism in the 1300’s were called Marrano’s. Don’t you get it? According to, Marrano’s were still Jews in secret when they lived in Spain through the 1600’s.

This is where is gets really strange though and your startling may be increased. Nisan is the first month in the Hebrew Calendar.

I’m confused and startled and think you should be at least startled and cautious when the Nissan Murano is near.

Be Careful…

The Murano Fuckers may get you.

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