Gamergate Lost: Overwatch gets new le Homo

This author gave up on the “new” generation of video games before the PS4 was even a year old. I’m sick of standardized game engines, multi-player as the main feature and 4-6 different types of games. A lot of people probably are.

I heard about the X-Box and PS4 upgrades. Those upgrades? They’re not getting me off the bench… Nope.

I did just find out that Overwatch, the multiplayer shooter that is getting older may become free to play in by summer 2019. That is according to GameRant:

In an interview, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter predicted that 2019 will be the year in which Overwatch goes free to play. Pachter says that he expects the game to have gone free to play by June 2019, which is just over three years after Overwatch originally launched.

That’s cool they want to do that, the game is getting older. It’s become apparent though, as the game getting older, Overwatch’s Development Team at Blizzard Entertainment has been very… PC af.

The Blizzard people just released a story about a character called Soldier: 76. And, yes it’s an actual story. You can get the PDF here. In the story, it’s revealed that Soldier: 76 is a gay.

I guess Blizzard is trying to get every last Globo Homo buck out of this Overwatch game. Looking through the recent articles on the game, it became very apparent that Blizzard’s Overwatch is catering to and enforcing the Cultural Marxism that is now common place at least here in the U.S.

This character is the game’s mascot.

It is a female and a queermo in some way.

The “12” on the box of the Overwatch package above means the game is approved for ages 12 and up. I wonder what concentration of players are still in their formative years reading the PDF stories Blizzard puts out. I wonder how many adults are out there that get really into the game and read the PDF too. It seems that there will be more Globo Homos in the future with games like this. Some 12-15 year olds of today read about the video gays on PDF now.

It’s really all pretty strange. The combined influence of the media sucking the red-blood out of our people is only going to make it harder for the red-blooded people that remain among us. It’s going to make things harder in all walks of life especially if there is any kind of serious clamp down on speech. Everyone else will be included.

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