Princeton It’s Okay To Be White Rally Success

Patrick Little is probably the hardest worker the White Right has. Nobody has been going out naming the Jew like Patrick Little. After his run for California Senate, in a show of his enterprising spirit, Pat went into business “J-Walking.” He travels around the country as a one man billboard educating all who will listen to him about the Jewish Issue.

Pat’s slogan for the J-Walking business is “naming the Jew at little cost to you.” It’s kind of a double entendre. The man has weathered a lot in his line of work. Unfortunately, for Pat and everyone else, Alt Righters who had established themselves some few years earlier than Pat have remained silent on Pat’s efforts. The man does have a following. Most in identity politics know him.

Patrick Little

“Jews are Through in ’22”

Pat is running for the Presidency as a Democrat in 2020. He has the “J-Walking” business and on the side, he recently put out a call for a series of “It’s Okay To Be White” marches in major cities. Those marches did not receive much press but, an interesting group has gained traction spinning out from Little’s idea for marches.

An “It’s Okay To Be White” march was held in Princeton, NJ. A group called The European Heritage Association of New Jersey announced it was holding another “It’s Okay To Be White” rally in Princeton today, Saturday, January, 12. As it turns out though, the announcement for today’s rally was a troll.

According to My Central Jersey, the fact that there was no rally didn’t stop “hundreds” of people from raging against hate. Even a politician got in on the pissy party.

Assemblyman Roy Freiman, issued this statement:

Seeing blatant acts of bigotry and hatred like the rally planned for Saturday really infuriates me – especially when they’re happening in my own backyard,” he said. “This behavior does not represent the values we stand for in New Jersey and it will never be welcomed here.”

Emphasis mine

And so, a tip of the hat to The European Heritage Association.

And, a wag of a finger to the infuriated Assemblyman.

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