5 Signs a Youtube “Documentary” is Junk

YouTube is Becoming a Very Shitty Place, it’s Rife with Shills

Content is hard to find with the rolling shoahs destroying YouTube content, Social Media accounts being wiped out, and the increasingly common internet censorship efforts. While combing through videos attempting to piece narratives together, we here at MarxistDegeneracy.com have found some things shill videos have in common.

The following is the short list of common video content that, if seen in an internet “documentary,” it most likely means that that “documentary” was more likely than not created by some kind of con-artist or shill.

Footage and Comparisons to the Tom Cruise Nicole Kidman movie “Eyes Wide Shut”

A lot is implied about “Eyes Wide Shut” on the internet. A lot is implied about how true to reality the movie is and about the production. Mention and usage of the film on the internet has greatly increased since #pizzagate.

The George H.W. Bush “New World Order Speech”

It was given on 9/11/91. It’s value in a video is generally nebulous at best. It stirs emotions, fear and otherwise, in the newb to enhance the credibility of the presentation. It is usually presented in a manner that may tacitly tie to the film or documentary if it ties to the other info presented at all.

JFK’s Speech about a vague but powerful enemies conspiracy and the Zapruder footage of JFK’s Assassination

In most “documentaries,” the JFK speech and assassination footage is again meant to stir emotion and lend credibility to the broader presentation. The enemy JFK’s in the speech is so vague or, nebulous that the party or parties JFK was referring to in his speech has not been discerned. The culprits of the JFK Assassination have been the subject of debate for around 60 years. There is little chance culprit’s behind JFK’s assassination will ever be widely identified or brought to justice.

Anything Alex Jones

Even though the retard is now a meme and has become more likable and serious, the chances of Jones not being a shill is slim to none. There is a chance he could flip or has flipped subtly but Jones is still key to steering a large segment of the masses.

To our knowledge, Jones has not made a “documentary” for some time. It could be that he may make something of the sort after The 2020 Presidential Election if a Democrat wins or The TrumpenReich becomes a bore in a second term.

The Anti-Christ Revealled and/or Confirmed

Before the internet, Reagan was the Anti-Christ. George W. Bush, Barak Obama and even Drumpf have been fingered as the Anti-Christ. According to some, Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner may also be the Anti-Christ in waiting.

The list of suspected Anti-Christs and the men who have been said to be the Anti-Christ is long and those who will be called the Anti-Christ in the future will not end until the actual Anti-Christ comes.

We here at MarxistDegeneracy.com want to point out that Saddam Hussein was not only a candidate for the Anti-Christ but also said by some to be the Anti-Christ. The thing is that we here knew him. Saddam was “aight.” We are still disappointed that George W. Bush did not accept Saddam’s challenge to a dual.

The Future of JewTube

Jewtube seems to rolling out new algos every few months to shift or nudge the viewing behavior of people like all of us. After the last change, we have been getting really pathetic videos.

MarxistDegeneracy.com is keeping a keen eye on the situation at Jewtube and will be reporting it’s doings as the situation dictates.

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