NY Meteorologist Profusely Denies He Used a Racial Slur

Whether the Meteorologist Meant to Use the Slur, His Immediate Future is Not Looking Good

A Rochester, NY, meteorologist has come under a lot of heat from all angles after he seemingly used a racial slur on air referencing a Martin Luther King Jr. Park. The meteorologist is a White man named Jeremy Kappell. The broadcast versions of both Inside Edition and CNN did a segment on the story. Search Keywords associated with Kappell and the incident return many, many search results. Both of the videos below also reported that Kappell’s “flub” lit up social media.

Inside Edition was More Measured On the Matter than CNN.

CNN’s Don Lemon Interviewed Kappell, Lemon Played a bit of Gotcha.

Mr. Kappell is In a Stressful Situation

Mr. Kappell may be able to find another meteorological job by the end of the year. He did get sympathy from key people and his market, Rochester, NY isn’t the biggest market.

Though Mr. Kappell went to bat for himself in the media and probably had to, we would have liked to see him apologize less profusely and in a less fearful manner. There was definitely some desperation and probably cucking.

We’re not exactly buying Kappell’s story either. A lot of the places named for MLK are in Black areas. Maybe MLCoon Park is a name for the park in question in the local lexicon.

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