SS Guard Deported from NY has Passed Away at Age 95

The ‘Greatest Generation’ has almost all gone to the grave. Most of the world’s geopolitical situation, at present, was decided by those who commanded and waged World War II. The victors wrote the history and labelled the enemies as villains before, during, and, after the war.

Jakiw Palij was someone not many people would have counted as great. Palij was on the losing side of the war. The country he fought for, Germany, is still demoralized. The German population is dwindling. Certain key components for running “The Fatherland,” like the media, are still answerable to The Allies.

As per USA Today, Jakiw Paliji was a bad man and, no one will question that publicly in the current year.

Born in Poland in 1923 as an ethnic Ukrainian, Palij was trained by the SS in the Trawniki concentration camp in southeastern Nazi-occupied Poland in 1941, according to Deutsche Welle. So-called “Trawniki men” went on to participate in the Holocaust as guards in Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka concentration camps.

Trawniki Men Bad, Schutzstaffel Men Bad

Trawniki Men Pay, Shutzstaffel Men Pay

Trawniki Shutzstaffel men bad. Trawniki Shutzstaffel men pay — with no proof required to prove ‘war crimes.’ On top of that horseshit, Herr Palij was found to have come into the U.S. with fake papers. That’s actually how they found him in the 00’s.

He(Palij) was tracked down in 2001 by the Justice Department’s Office of Special Investigation, which hunted Nazi collaborators who had concealed their activities when emigrating to the U.S. At the time, he acknowledged his service during the war in a sworn statement, The Washington Post reported.

After that, a Judge stripped him of his citizenship in or around 2003. Palij continued living in Queens until August of 2018. At that point he was deported by that hard nosed President who always puts America First, Donald J. Trump.

In case you didn’t care to watch the video in the Tweet:

“I have a lot of Jewish friends who said to me about this man living in Queens — I grew up in Queens,” Trump said. “And he was a man that — not just a prison guard. He was a prison guard that supervised the killing of many, many Jews. Many, many Jews. And he’s lived here for decades.”

Donald J. Trump

We here at don’t believe that Herr Palij got a fair shake, not even from that America First President. We believe that Mr. America-First yet again really just put the Jews and Israel First in deporting Herr Palij. Trump doesn’t know shit about many or, many, many Jews except for the many Jews that are his family, business partners, and masters.

It hasn’t been 6 months since Herr Palij’s deportation from The States and he has already passed. Palij had lived in the U.S. much longer than he ever did in the country within which he was born. None of the news reports came close to proving Herr Palij had done anything wrong. Nobody proved anything about Herr Palij’s time in the Schutzstaffel. However, just like someone had to lose when those corporations Donald J. Trump was holding went bankrupt, an ethnic Ukrainian had to go back. Donald J. Trump is a “winner.”

Trump’s Co-Ethnics liked to Harass Herr Palij at His Home

However, We Say: R.I.P. for Now, Herr Palij

Justice Soon

Jakiw Palij: 1923-2019

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