Booger Woman Trying to Cash in on Deadly Fire Her Son Started

New York City is getting worse and worse. The city called by some “The Empire City” and the “Capital of the World” is starting to live up to the worst interpretations one can make of those nicknames. The capital city of a declining world empire would be chocked full of human trash of all stripes.

A three year old born of a real Black African started a fire after playing with the stove in 2017. The fire the boy started killed 13 people, one was an infant

It Wasn’t a Good Time

Someone has to Take the Blame and Someone has to Pay

The three year old isn’t going to pay. Neither is his mother. She is actually suing 11 different companies and municipalities for a total of 1.1 billion dollars.

According to the New York Post

Rita Yeboah is seeking an eye-popping payout of $100 million from the city, her landlord, Con Ed and each of eight other entities, because her family “suffered smoke inhalation, emotional trauma and loss of property,” according to a lawsuit she and her husband Mark filed in Bronx Supreme Court.

But some of the survivors of the 13 victims, as well as former residents of 2363 Prospect Ave. in Belmont, whose lives were changed forever on the frigid night of Dec. 28, 2017, say it was Rita Yeboah who was negligent.

Neighbors asked by The Post for comment by were all quite unhappy upon hearing about the Yeboahs’ lawsuit. The Post asked Firemen for comments too. The one firefighter who was quoted in The Post’s article said a person seeking compensation for events brought on by their own actions, passing the buck, was “typical.”

They(Residents of Yeboahs’ building) say the mother of two from Ghana failed to stop her then-3-year-old son, Micaiah, from playing with the stove, where the blaze began at 6:51 p.m. that night.

The Yeboahs’ lawyer, Michael Cervini, claims the Yeboahs are “pariahs.” He basically means the Yeboahs are scapegoats.

The fact that some nog from Ghana is seeking 1.1 billion dollars from 11 different parties certainly makes it look to us like she is trying to cash in.

Here’s an Artist’s Imagining Of The Landlord In Court

The Situation is More Impetus For Ending Enriched Immigration

The Post Noted

Excluding 9/11, the Bronx fire was the deadliest city fire since 87 people perished in the Happy Land social-club arson in 1990.

The owner of the Twin Towers when they were knocked down, Larry Sinclair, was paid twice for his 9/11 insurance claim as each plane hitting each tower were technically different attacks according to the court. As such, it seems the Yeboahs might get paid for their claims.

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