Israel’s Fine Art Controversy(In Pictures)

Jews have that high verbal IQ. It makes sense then that they’d be super meta, ahead of the curve, wheeling and dealing and running banks, etc.

At a museum in Haifa, a land that formerly had a Palestinian name after the Romans broke the Jew’s Temple down, Jews are showing their mad meta skills. The Haifa Museum of Art has an exhibit on religion versus consumerism.

According to the Haifa Museums website,

This exhibition focuses on the responses of contemporary artists to issues of religion and faith in the contemporary global reality, which is dominated by the consumer culture. In recent decades, various cultures and places around the world have witnessed a surprising religious revival.

That sounds okay…


In a reality wherein globalization aspires for cultural unification, religion offers its followers the illusion of a return to their roots and to distinctive local traditions.

Who would have thought the Jews would possess the Holy Land to Neg “religion” as an illusion.

The exhibit may be more about negging Christianity

That isn’t nice at all.

“Mc ‘Jesus'” and the next two “address the collaboration between religious systems and the consumer culture.” That’s at least what Haifa Museums say.

This is a Banksy knockoff.

That’s from some Califag. A Mr. Stern I believe.

These don’t really even have any point. What is the message? Your God is a product? A shopper?

This something raging against the machine?

It doesn’t seem like it.

Break glass it says? According to The Times of Israel, there have already been “Arab” Christian riots over the “art” exhibit.

This “Ark of the Covenant” looks more like Fine Art

I’m Not Sure How the Ark is Consumerist

Maybe that Ark should not have been in the show :shrug


Eat, Drink and Sleep Israel… It’s named after Mike Pence

Here’s another vainfag. He one shows off his stub penis as an Ancient Egyptian.

Modern Religion or Mental Illness?


Have you heard of the Evil Eye?

Here is an Evil Eye Deflector

It’s been modified for… whatever reason…

What Haifa Museums has uploaded to the web is somewhat repetitive. There are a few pieces that can be found on Haifa Musuems’ site from the exhibit that are just kind of boring and throwaway pieces. They’re all pretty much throwaway pieces though.

Negging Christ really seemed to be the theme of the show at Haifa Museums

Christ was killed in the land we now know as Israel, so

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