Amazon is Ready to Smash More Fash! “The Hunt”

A new show is coming to Amazon. It is a show about the only battle that matters. It is a show about a diverse band of Americans fighting a group of underground Nazis. It’s going to be called “The Hunt”

The people making the show are thus far diverse. They have more than enough Jews though. Most of them are in the background producing. A young man of Judaic Lineage is signed, set to lead. Jews leading on screen, and Jews behind the camera, the way it should be. According to Geek Tyrant, the young Semite lead’s name is Logan Lerman.

Lerman will play a character named Jonah Heidelbaum, who, “when his grandmother is slain by a mysterious intruder in their apartment, sets out to track the culprit — only to find himself swept up in the mysterious organization known as The Hunt, a group of justice-seeking individuals dedicated to rooting out the Nazi murderers living in the U.S. under assumed identities.”

Interestingly enough, Lerman fought along Brad Pitt in “Fury,” the movie about a fictional tank crew. Pitt was an American and was the Fury’s Commander. Pitt was an American. He met his death in the movie. His character had an early instance of the “Fashy Haircut.” In the end Lerman was the only survivor of the Fury’s crew. A noble Nazi fighter let him live.

Lerman next played an Atheist Jew who enrolls, for some reason, at a Lutheran College. Now, most recently, Lerman voice acted in some WWI movie. Odds are that movie was probably Kosher. All his credits are here.

The man behind the Amazon’s Upcoming “The Hunt” is an even bigger player in the Culture of Marxism’s Racial Game

That man is now established, that man is Jordan Peele

Jordan was in at least two unfunny TV Shows before he had a “hit.” One was Mad TV. Peele’s hit show was called “Key and Peele.” It was a racially charged sketch comedy show that again, was not a funny show. His comedy partner from “Key and Peele,” Key, seemed a lot more chill.

Key and Peele catapulted Jordan Peele into the role of producing movies. His first one was with his buddy Key. In 2017 Peele then produced the racially charged “Get Out,” and in 2018 produced another racially charged film “BlacKkKlansman.”

Also with the cast of “The Hunt” is Al Pacino, if he signs. It looks like he is going to. I think Pacino did Serpico, some movies collegefags get hard for, then, a series of movies that sucked but that he could make money on. He probably belongs on the Mullatto’s show with the Jew.

Amazon Already has Nazi-Smashing with it’s “The Man in the High Castle”

Do they really need a Nazi Smasher by an ugly Mullatto?

Time will tell how well the show does. Maybe in a few years, Amazon will premier another Nazi Smasher program… maybe a alternate Trumpen Reich reality. Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos does own the Washington Post. The Washington Post hates Trump.

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