MarxistDegeneracy.Com Weekend Roundup: Saturday, Jan 19

Want To Minor In Cannabis? This SUNY Program Could Be For You

Recreational marijuana isn’t even legal yet in New York; but that is not stopping one state school from adding cannabis industry as a minor, according to WSYR-TV, a local Syracuse outlet. Clearly, SUNY Morrisville is anticipating legalization of the adult-use market on the heels of Governor Cuomo’s clarion call for it. (New York legalized medical cannabis in 2014).

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People older than 65 share the most fake news, a new study finds

Older Americans are disproportionately more likely to share fake news on Facebook, according to a new analysis by researchers at New York and Princeton Universities. Older users shared more fake news than younger ones regardless of education, sex, race, income, or how many links they shared. In fact, age predicted their behavior better than any other characteristic — including party affiliation.

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Twitter warns that private tweets were public for years

Private tweets sent by users of Twitter’s Android app could have been exposed publicly for years.

Twitter said it had discovered a security flaw which meant “protected” tweets became public when some changes were made to accounts.

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Ghostbusters: Original director’s son Jason Reitman to direct new film

Jason Reitman, son of director Ivan, is to make a new film in the Ghostbusters series his father began in 1984.

“Finally got the keys to the car,” said Reitman Jr in a Twitter post linking to a news article confirming the project.

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Woman earns $40G a year as a ‘professional cuddler’

A big-hearted woman has quite literally embraced a most lucrative career – as a professional cuddler.

Affectionate Robin Marie, 48, earns $40,000 a year, or $80 per hour, from her unique job and spends around 45 hours-a-week spooning, hugging and snuggling.

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Roku Pulls InfoWars Channel After Attracting Social Media Scorn

Months after being banned by Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and other major Internet platforms, InfoWars found new online distribution through the Roku platform. The company initially claimed it was providing for a diversity of views.

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