Hikikomori: Japan’s Hermit Class

Fight the Future

It sure is something that The West and Japan, those that were the key and majority of the belligerents in WWII are all now on the descendant. Too high a premium is put on Freedom in most of The West and, we are being replaced and dying out. Though their traditions are different, something is causing the Japs to die out as well.

The Hikikomori

The Culture of the Japanese that makes it over here is awesome and we should make connections with Japanese who are sympathetic to the Emperor’s Descendants and our Fashy Goyim. The subjects of the video below, The Hikikomori who are basically extreme shut-ins, are a sad and common enough problem in Japan. There are other videos on JewTube if you search the keyword Hikikomori.

Say a prayer for our Hikikomori brothers and sisters in the land of the rising club.

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