New Marvel Comics Title Tackles Infidelity and Weirdo Race Mixing for Some Reason

The New Series Tackles Issues of the Utmost Morality

Comics from all the publishers are now solidly pushing Cultural Marxism. That is Diversity, Race Mixing as a Norm, Homosexuality as a Norm, Racial Replacement and other “Social Justice” Issues.

I stopped reading comics regularly 2 or 3 years ago. I noticed, a concerted rollout of Homosexual Stories ~10 years ago.

When certain figures got involved with gaming to push at least a feminization of the video games, there was Gamergate. Gamergate was basically a loosely coordinated harassment campaign, a pushback. Comics readers were not as quick on the trigger to counter the comics industries progressive embrace of all things Cultural Marxism.

With the success of the Marvel movies, more youngsters became interested in comics. Adding the Elements of Cultural Marxism during that period, this period is particularly insidious. Sales to the impressionable are surely going up.

A New Low


“Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter”

Jessica Jones is the ‘Baby Mama’ if not Wife of the Black Super Hero Bruiser, Luke Cage. There is a Netflix version of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. The Fictional Couple has a baby girl together or at least it seemed they did. The new 6 issue series, “Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter” calls that into question.

Purple Daughter they say? The 6 Part Series is going to be exploring whether Jessica Jones’ fidelity to African American Luke Cage was unbroken.

BatmansBookCase had this to say:

Finding out that your daughter potentially isn’t who you thought she was, or in Luke’s case potentially not even his, is terrifying. Especially when Jessica has had such a twisted, abusive relationship with the Purple Man since back in her original Alias series. It’s probably one of the most deeply invasive, thoroughly disturbing tales of violation in Marvel’s comics, and I’m amazed by the amount of depth, understanding, and clarity that Kelly Thompson brings to this story through the dialogue and narration. It also still has some black humor to break the tension, but be forewarned that this goes into some dark, serious territory.

While the marriage of Cage and Jones has been a thing for a while – since before the comics industry’s new, obvious and concerted effort to help  us win the “race to the bottom” – this new Jessica Jones book takes the cake. That it involves infidelity and characters of three different races is bizarre. No doubt the book will have feminist elements too. It has generated a positive buzz from reviewers.

“Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter” is an odd new low for morality in comics. It seems like the elements of the story could really fill out a Cultural Marxism “Bingo Card.” That is, if people are still playing those games.

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