RE: Our New Planet Wide Diet Plan

The Globalist Big Wigs Have Come Up With A Diet for the Global Village and It’s Delicous!

Dear Dear-Readers,

Exercise and nutrition are a huge part of life. It is definitely one of the most important. No one is going to last long on a steady diet of nothing. All of us plebs must realize some things though. First, we, in the scheme of things are just commoners. Even if your household income is ~$500K, you’re really not even shit.

The most important thing us commoners need to realize is that we are all worth about the same to the real rulers of the world. They are the (((Plutocrats))), other Plutocrats and those who run their Corporations and Governments. (((They))) can probably do without most of us soon.

Our Rulers generally don’t care what we do. In fact, they have progressively degenerated the High Society that was the West while strip mining Third World Nations and denying those Nations true self-determination. Our rulers care about what we use.

How low can we go? We’re going lower than “drag kids.” The answer to the question though, is beyond the scope of this article. More “drag kids” and more degeneracy equal less kids in the long run.

For some reason, (((The Globalist Elites)))(Shout out to Alex Jones!) ostensibly want to cram more of us onto what science-faggots like to call “Spaceship-Earth.” They probably only want us to think we are going to though.

The claim that our rulers want more of us to inhabit what is obviously (((their))) planet is dubious to us at best. “The Diet for 10 Billion” is probably a bait and switch. Besides the environmental impacts of larger populations, feeding larger populations and how increasingly shitty… and sometimes savage people are, we here at Marxist-Degeneracy are not buying that the (((Elites)))(Shout out again to Herr Jones!) really do want more people.

Say Goodbye to Girls and Spreads Like This

Then, Say Hello to Reality, Senpai

Smart yet worthless Dieticians from the Uber Progressive Nation of Sweden have come up with a diet to sustain 10 billion, or so they say. Like Sweden’s eventual Islamization and coming ethnic cleansing, the Diet for 10 Billion is beautiful and, inevitable.

The way to infinity Africans and goyim who are all coffee-colored or browner, is going to take some sacrifice. Following the Diet for 10 Billion, a so-called the Flexitarian Diet will inevitably make people shorter and weaker over time. That’s just a fact.

Have You Heard of the Dumpster Diving Freegans?

The U.N. and the Globalists aren’t Asking Us To Be Freegans yet…

(((They))) are asking us to eat like no meat. No meat. The BBC said it thusly:

What changes am I going to have to make?

If you eat meat every day then this is the first biggie. For red meat you’re looking at a burger a week or a large steak a month and that’s your lot.

You can still have a couple of portions of fish and the same of chicken a week, but plants are where the rest of your protein will need to come from. The researchers are recommending nuts and a good helping of legumes every day instead.

There’s also a major push on all fruit and veg, which should make up half of every plate of food we eat.

Although there’s a cull on “starchy vegetables” such as the humble potato or cassava which is widely eaten in Africa.


Killing ourselves and our seed for each other may “save the planet.” It may also lead to and underclass of untermensch or even tunnel dwelling freaks. It will contribute to the coming Jewish Utopia.

Who doesn’t want to help with that though, right?

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