Game of Thrones Star Outraged Over Pro-White Meme

White People seem to love Game of Thrones. This author saw the First Episode or the Pilot or whatever. I also saw the episode Butters Stotch from South Park had with the wieners and George R. R. That was enough for me, I didn’t want to see any more. Still, White People seem to love that show.

Not that anything different was going to happen but, a nice young White woman, a mother was trying to exercise her Freedom of Speech on Twitter. However, her account was summarily executed for doing so.

The young woman had this to say about the matter on

Here is the Meme from the young woman’s Tweet

The above image caused quite a stir. Somehow Evolution has also been going on for Over ~6000 Years…

Gretchen made a good amount of headlines and made them on some bretty large outlets. On Gab, the “Free Speech Platform,” I learned she sustained a large attack from Twitter. Various folks on Twitter attacked Gretchen when she made another account. That account too, was dispatched by Twitter. That was the message she relayed to @BlackKemper on Gab.

After This:

Gretchen is now a high profile target for Twitter

Sophie Turner is the actress in the Meme Gretchen sent out. Miss Turner was none too happy. Luckily for her, at least some of the outlets used her reaction to bolster her character on the show and the show, Game of Thrones, itself.

According to Time, Sophie Turner had this to say:

Sophie Turner has spoken out against a racist meme featuring her Game of Thrones character Sansa Stark. The 22-year-old actor took to Twitter on Saturday to denounce a now unavailable tweet advocating for “Purity In Race and Culture” with a photo of Sansa.

Time said they thought Turner monitored show memes somehow. Maybe through Google Image?

Turner did not mince words in her response to the image. “Ew,” she wrote. “Please don’t use me to promote racism.”

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