Gucci and Whoever is Playing Us

Gucci is for Decadent Persians and people with bad taste. Mostly.

Gucci tho? Fuck Gucci and everyone involved. Their Black Face “Controversy” is an obvious scam. How can I make that clear? Gucci is the second company to do this niggardly shit.

Is “broken windows” a fallacy?

The Yikes and Whoever are setting us up.

Andrew Anglin is 100% involved in stirring the pot for race war tensions. I believe he got bought out…

To any of my Reel Wurld Niggas who read this, I told one of you Gucci was going down like three days ago. It was a stupid word to begin with. White Pipl on the chans would and should find out who was pumping the “Gucci meme.” Strike Back.



Gucci is brought to you by Persons of the Sand and Whoever

Donate to Patreon to Ship Gucci Products to Iran

No Donations will go to Saudi Arabian i.e. (((“Terrorist”))) Causes.

I AM is a Terrorist though!

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