Alt Lite’s Martina Markota on the Latest Bank Blacklist

Martina’s Alt Lite, she’s okay. She’s not as serious as a Lauren Southern or Stefan Molyneux though. Her rise as a journalist and Alt Lite Artist has now hit one of the first officialdom roadblocks, the banks.

Commissioner Fled: I knew Martina Markota. Most days go by and thoughts about her don’t cross my mind. Gotham never really needed her and her value to even the Alt Lite is dubious. ICE may have some beef with her or her mans/fiance. I’m not sure about her ability to travel. A lot can get you locked down.

Martina is fairly adaptive in terms of looks and probably quick on her feet. She markets her assets well… As such, she seems to still be doing pretty well.

I was Partial to Nice Martina Nice Gril, the One with the Colors that Popped.

We Here are Not Really Fans of the Haughty “Goth Right” Martina Though, Not… Really…

When I first came across Martina Markota it took me a while to realize that she was the Trump Supporting Artist/Dancer blacklisted for supporting Trump. That seems to be where most of her troubles originated.

I met Martina online during my Anime Right beat. I talked to her on Twitter for about 6 months. She was then working for e Daily Caller.

In general, Martina is likable and it’s easy to see why and how she could get in with (((The Rebel Media))) Crowd and The Proud Boys. That’s where she is now. She vlogs for (((The Rebel))). She puts out some interesting videos and has a certain type of mass-appeal.

It’s hard to say if her present work does much to change hearts and minds but she’s still on the grind with (((The Rebel))) and at least one of her artistic projects was doing very well and seemingly still is.

Her Graphic Novel

Lady Alchemy, It’s Available on that IndieGoGo

Unfortunately, Miss Markota has now been “kicked” from her bank, Chase Bank.

Speaking to Big League Politics, Markota explains that the account shut down was linked to an Indiegogo campaign which has raised over $34,000 for a graphic novel she is working on, making the account shut down all the worse.

It used to be just degenerate left-wing dance sluts and assorted creepers that didn’t at all care for Martina. Now it’s Chase Bank.

Her IndieGoGo is still up.

What would J.P. Morgan have thought.

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