Russian Brooklyn Neighborhood Targeted with Swastikas

The Swastikas are appearing in South Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach. It’s a nice place.

Brighton Beach is a Russian Neighborhood in S. Brooklyn. It is ethnically Russian/E.European with a sizable Jewish population. Brighton Beach is right near the World Famous Coney Island and may have some rides, like a rollercoaster itself. It also has a boardwalk and numerous Russian restaurants.

Someone has been Posting Respectable Looking Swastika Art

The Above was Written as Part of the First Grouping that was been Found at a Playground

According to CNN,

Two swastikas were discovered some time between Sunday night and Monday morning at Brighton Playground in the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn, according to the NYPD. The Nazi symbols were written in black marker beneath a slide.The graffiti was discovered just two days after dozens of swastikas, a Nazi eagle and the words “Hail Hitler” (sic) were found Friday morning drawn in chalk on the pavement of a Queens schoolyard.The two incidents are being investigated by the NYPD’s hate crime task force, according to police.

As predictable, the Yentas were out:

For our money, we’d like to remind you that a cryptic tee shirt/sweatshirt etc. is much better than a criminal record etc.

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