Towards Utopia: NYC Hair Discrimination Solved

Jerry Seinfeld is from New York, He said “Look to the Cookie.” Now POC are saying “Look to New York!” about Hair Justice.

A young Black man in NJ had to chop his locks to compete in a big match. It was big news, on the radio for two days. The radio reports didn’t question the validity of the rules that forced the young wrestler to cut his hair. The reports made the issue about race.

Now, the government of New York City has made sure hair cannot be an issue of contention when it comes to sports or even work, not for a person of any race. You see, New York City sees and understands hair is a part of identity. As such, the New York City government has issued a 10 page PDF “Guidance Report.” They also passed some law.


NBC News had a Woman of Color explain what is going on with Black people and the Hair Utopia

Rules on hair at work and school are not new, but more black people are coming up against them now than in the past due to the popularity of leaving hair natural, said Ama Karikari-Yawson, a lawyer and diversity trainer on Long Island, New York.

“In the past, the regulations existed, but African-Americans often conformed through haircuts, wigs and relaxers,” Karikari-Yawson said. “Now, more of us are choosing not to conform, and so the conflicts are coming to light.”

Natural hair is intimately associated with racial identity for African-Americans, she said.

The natural hair movement, which encourages black people to wear their hair in its normal, coiled, coarse or curly state, started when more people began shunning chemical relaxers and embracing their Afro-textured hair for health and cosmetic reasons.

Now, no one is like anyone. Not even Black people are alike. We need a world with no standards. When we get there, we won’t even know it. We’ll be there soon. As a bonus, there will also be a lot less social cohesion.

Now that the world is saved, it’s time to save it again, and again. What NYC needs to do next is to figure out how much Health NYC is going to alot to hair plugs, weaves and paying for when braids hit other children’s eyes.

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