Rich White Woman’s Racist Outburst?

Contending with People of a Different Race When White will Bring One to the Danger Zone of Being Labelled a Racist.

“You People,” that’s racist, right? No. No it’s not. Not really.

Calling a group of women you guys is a problem for multiple reasons. “You People” and the like in most cases should not be.

It was a Problem in the Video Below.

The Footage Above Made the News and was Labelled as Racist.

The footage above was labelled racist because a Black Woman was involved, one that may have been naturally defensive about her child and/or, high strung. That Black Woman and her husband were confronted by the woman in the video, a woman the news services identified as a “somebody.” That Ms. Somebody too was high strung.

Ms. Somebody was identified as a Ms. Neely and insinuated to be a racist by NBC News and condemned as a racist with the persistent shouts of “shame” and alternatively, “racist” by the Black Woman. Neely was only called a racist after she used a variant of that Pavlovian-like trigger phrase for some, “you people.”

NBC Reported the story as such:

The couple’s photographer approached Neely to try to defuse the situation, the baby’s mother said.

Neely allegedly told the photographer that she brought “these” people into “her” neighborhood.

Dear Reader, do you see the shit here? NBC quoted “these” and her.”

Is everybody going to watch the video on here or on NBC? No. No, they are not. NBC and the rest of the media is inflating and amplifying these types of incidents by seemingly willingly not looking at things logically.

We’re at the Point Where the Media can Create Klansman out of most Men.

Those Who are Supposed to be Looking Out for the Public Good maybe Never Were.

This type of screw-job-play must be written down – or maybe not – in the (((MSM’s))) style-guide.

What business did the White Man and Black Wife have in some exclusive neighborhood that was not theirs anyway. Most of those kind of neighborhoods have super-local police around here and it’s for a reason.

How can one shout racist when only one of the two parties refereed to are Black without the “victims” reading a ton into things?

The media, in this case, NBC cannot justify themselves either.

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