The BBC, The South and Drag Queen Story Hour

The BBC Carried a Story on “Drag Queen Story Hours” in the American South. The BBC is pretty much 100% for “Drag Queen Story Hour.”

Men dressing like women is not normal. It is 100% abnormal. Who was the first big drag queen? J. Edgar Hoover? Probably not. Rudy Giuliani? Could be. Ru Paul? That “faggot” is pretty close.

How do the drag abominations get into our homes in the first place? I remember seeing Ru Paul and Tom Hanks, men on SNL and whoever else on TV in drag. Then there are those that are even worse. They mutilate and augment themselves, probably so they can have more of what they figure is “fun.”

These days, Tom Hanks and Ru Paul and the rest of the trailblazing drag-fags have gained way for “Drag Queen Story Hour.” You may remember the demon tranny reader… Well, the Great Satan just got even Greater!

According to the BBC,

Drag Queen Story Hour was established in San Francisco in 2015, and has since spread across the US and around the world.

That’s a fucking great accomplishment, no? In the words of that Evalion, “Drag Queen Story Hour” is “spreading like a faggot spreads AIDS.” “Drag Queen Story Hour” is probably is spreading AIDS and whatever else too.

The BBC is helping to spread it.

The BBC, The State News Outlet did a big piece, “Drag queen story hour in America’s Bible Belt.” It is not objective. It promotes the abominable Cultural AIDS that is “Drag Queen Story Hour.” I know for a fact that these days in College and University in both many of the softer majors and in journalism, the ‘Schools’ promote that there is no such thing as objectivity. However, if there were no objectivity nothing would matter.

Unfortunately, to a lot of people, things don’t matter and, they cannot see themselves being propagandized and/or conditioned by everyone and everything out there whether they pay for that privilege or not.

Right off the bat in the BBC piece, we’re hit with this heart-warming gem:

The children assemble on the floor in front of Rylee(the fag in drag) as she(it) starts to read. After a page or so, she is interrupted by a young girl who stands up and offers Rylee her bracelet because she’s “a princess”.

They printed the above as to warmup their audience to the aforementioned ‘drag queen’s’ image. Then, they go into the fag in drag’s ‘sad’ history.

“I knew from a young age I was different. If I had this when I was younger, maybe I would have had a happier high school experience rather than being confused and sad and having anxiety,” Rylee reflects.

Then, the South is Bashed…

“I felt like a bad person. You’re in the South – [people think] if you’re gay or different you’re going to hell.”

Then we hear about the threats against the flits:

Amanda Osborne, one of the event organisers, told the BBC that “veiled or direct threats to attendees and the drag queens has been the scariest part”.

The above is all a very one dimensional and textbook dressing-down formula used by the media to take a normal and healthy society and turn it on against itself. The key is to repeat the formula ad nauseam and on multiple fronts.

The BBC added to the basic formula above by adding some bullshit on “rights.” What they did was to basically equalize race rights with sexual rights. It’s a favorite mixture for the everything goes crowd. Relating the fag hags self-imposed plight to that of racism… The is typical play of the culture makers. Selling an ad with a with a biracial drag queen is gonna get some Jew the bonus that buys him the best little villa down in Boca.

The BBC is a ‘World Class’ News Agency Folks. To that end, they treat us to some really mind-blowing, earth-shattering, and possibly life-saving medical-advice the above tried and true methods. Some intersectional gender-studies and psychology horseshit is thrown out to us by the BBC, goy:

Christia Spears Brown is a professor of psychology at the University of Kentucky who studies gender development in children.

She told the BBC that while these events can seem “silly and frivolous” they could lead to “positive outcomes for young children if they feel able to express themselves”.

“Conversely we know that there are negative outcomes for children who feel pressure to conform,” Prof Brown said. “Those children are not as psychologically stable.”

The piece finishes out with some more of what is most definitely pseudoscience. Pseudoscience is what “The Protocols” described should be used to proscribe “the masses” from truth. It is what The Bible calls, oppositions of science falsely so called.

The BBC piece, the hit piece on the morality of right and wrong and normality is really kind of something. It’s just a one really long and very psychologically driven strawman tale about false persecution. They mostly use demagoguery.


One thing that is probably not going to happen is violence putting the “men” is skirts into hearses. Though we here at Marxist Degeneracy have no problem with the physical removal of the degenerate or the liquidation of the abomination, we do not advocate it or call for it. Frankly, we do not see it happening on at the level of a political movement.

Personal attempts at physical removal It would be a waste of time and the life of those who did the removal are only are only going to reap reap vain results. At this point, violence would also hasten the onset of our trouble and trouble for everyone else.

The people who are taking their kids to events like the “Drag Queen Story Hour,” and watching the BBC thinking the Jews(?) running it care about their viewers will reap what they have sewn. Kind of like the mother of that little “Desmond is Amazing Freak” with her son and censoring her son’s social media as she has been shown to do.

Note: According to the Bible, “Cross-Dressing” by either sex, is an abomination, just like all the homo-stuff and any sodomy, male or female.

The people that promote all the queering are always going to scoff and mock that it is written mixed fibers are an abomination. There are two things though… The issue that is abominable could be about “weights and measures.” More likely, the issue is about the interaction between the fibers. Some of the mixed fiber stuff stinks. Moreover, I doubt the natural fibers are accounted the same as man made fibers that are esters or whatever. The likewise with Rayon. All that stuff takes heavy enough and complicated enough machinery to manufacture.

Like Slayer sings, let the faggots and their enablers, in time: Pray for Death.


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