Barf! Top Selling “Recording Artists” of 2018

The People who track the top selling “Recording Artists” have released the list of the top selling “Artists” of 2018.” It’s depressing and alternatively, depressing.

From Billboard:

The independently verified IFPI Global Recording Artist of the Year chart is based on sales of albums across digital, CD and vinyl formats; singles, both downloaded and physical; and streams across the calendar year. The chart includes all the music of each artist featured (not just one track or album), and uses album equivalent units to combine measurements of downloads, physical sales and streams.

The (((Major Labels))) have done it again. We’re all lucky they’re not censoring the music like they’re censoring the internet and the facts in general. The best selling “artists” this year are more of the usual detritus. That is with maybe the exception of the K-Pop Band, BTS.

Aside from BTS, the top selling recording artists all look to call the Great Satan home. There’s Lady Gaga. We’re not sure what she is selling or when her last album came out. Then, Imagine Dragons, their front man is a “cultural Mormon” whatever the fuck that means. Eminem and Bruno Mars are among others.

At least Eminem, Lady Gaga and and Bruno Mars, about one-third of the top 10 didn’t even release albums in 2018. As such, we here at Marxist Degeneracy advise the Jews that they had better start to cut the crust off the shit sandwich they call an industry. The music is bad enough already.

The Jewish-Black, Drake, took the top spot. We don’t know that one…

Grimes – We Appreciate Power

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