The Tallest Alex Jones Tale Yet

If you still think Alex Jones doesn’t need to go, you are a total fuckwit.

Unfollow this site. If you read this site, sod off and get a clue. Better yet, go into the toughest niggerdom and do your thing – as in spread the Gospel – hard.

100% Scam, 100% Sellout. Wake the Fuck Up or be Worthless

UFO’s, Break Away Civilization Based on NASA and NAZIs, NAZIs made the EU?

Kalergi set the groundwork for the U.N.

Comments are open. I will get back to you.


  1. You fucking traitor ass communist fucks are all the same all full of shit and ZERO ARGUMENT FUCK OFF AND DIE COMMIE MARXIST FUCK GET THE FUCK OUT OF AMERICA AND GO SUCK DON LEMONS TINY NIG COCK


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  3. If you don’t like Alex jones and think he is the establishment you work for the establishment, you are the corrupt agents of the state that America has been fighting


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