Singularity, The Gayme

Fire Sail. “Don’t Believe the Hype.” Video Games are Still Trying to Kill Us. A Lot of Them Can be Bought at Low-Low Prices.

I played Singularity for about ten minutes. The game was underwhelming. Actually, the game was more than underwhelming. It seemed like trash-flavored trash-flavored trash-flavored trash. For being like a later PS3 game, the graphics sucked. The aesthetic was shitty and weird.  I had some odd moments playing Singularity too.

The game opens with a 5 minute cut scene. More on that later.

Exiting the cut scene, you will find your character thrown from the helicopter he was in that was going somewhere. Wherever the helicopter was going, it crashed pretty close to the character’s rally point. On the way there, I first found a med kit. It restored my health.

The med kit experience was the high point of my Singularity experience and that experience was super lame. There were some artifacts, shit like a piece of paper and a tape recording. I turned the game off after that.

The Game has Something to do With Russia

More Importantly

The game was made by Activision. They are definitely an (((Illuminati))) Company. There is at least one aberration in the game’s shitty intro. Words can be turnt (sic) and bent. The (((Culture Maker))) Devils use homonyms and “slight of hand” among other things to slowly and subtly condition the populace for whatever reasons (((they))) have.

The game sucks. If someone wants to post a request in the comments section, I’ll play the intro of the game again to let you know what the aberration in the game is saying, and at what point (((they))) put that shit in there.

They’re, There, Their

Got, Gott

Berg, Burg, Bergh

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