NYC Moving on Asian Supremacy in Schools

Just when the so-called Alt Right seemed secure in it’s admonition that Jews run the World, in comes some new data to show that Asians run shit in NYC Schools.

It is a fact of life that POC don’t do well on Standardized Tests and that Jews and Asians do the best. Whether as a society, America as a whole, is under a de facto segregation regime or an ex facto one, it very much looks like POC are not going to be able to compete on a scale that is appreciated.

Blacks and Latinos should probably take care to be more moral in this morally failing world. There is plenty of White trash out there too.

As America and the rest of the world is going nowhere fast, and because it’s going nowhere fast, new scams are being thought up to add fuel to the garbage fire that the Great Satan is becoming.

De Blasio is a Hero of that Movement.

In the Picture Above, Bill DeBlasio Looks to Know a Thing About Pride

Bill de Blasio knows about integration in a big way but his efforts to integrate New York City’s specialized public high schools are in limbo at the moment. DeBlasio’s scams face resistance from all angles. Other people are calling Mayor Bill and New York City’s efforts at ‘integration’ an effort to dismantle ‘segregation.’

According to the Intelligencer

Asians comprise 62 percent of the specialized high schools’ students despite being just 16 percent of the city’s student population.

New York City and The Intelligencer found some dumb slant to feel bad about his people’s success. It is aah… Soo Kim, the Head of the Stuyvesant High School Alumni Association.

“How is this possible, that people are saying we’re segregated, we’re Jim Crow,” Kim told the Times. “These words are too harsh. It makes me feel like I’m a bad person.”

While the controversy now for NYC Schools is that Asians are grossly misrepresented in at Elite NYC School Admissions, Bernie or Sid from the Bernie and Sid Show said Jews are also over represented. They seemed okay about it. There are definitely a lot less Jews in New York so they fly under the radar.

Mayor Bill’s plan to scam the smartest students, the Asian Students and the Kike Menace… from a higher quality education in New York City is thus.

offering admission to the highest-performing 7 percent of students at every middle school in the city. Black and Latino children are nearly 70 percent of the city’s student population, which means that eliminating the SHSAT would likely cut the specialized schools’ Asian student population in half and increase their black student population fivefold, according to estimates

If the plan goes through, it is safe to say that almost everyone’s education will suffer. Equality of outcomes is an impossibility.

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