Conan the Barbarian #1 From Marvel Comics

There are Two Ongoing “Conan” Titles Out Now From Marvel. Conan the Barbarian was the First of the Two Titles Released. It was Released a Few Months Ago.

Conan the Barbarian #1 was written by Jason Aaron. He writes a lot of Dungeon and Dragons type stuff. The pencils were done by Mahmud Asrar.

I’ve never read a Conan story but have seen the one Schwarzenegger film with the James Earl Jones. Conan the Barbarian #1 probably has more battles in it, accounting for length, compared to the movie.

There is a short intro to the book where Conan is born. Like the movie though, Conan fights one imbued with magic powers, a witch.

After the book’s intro, Conan as a young man, is introduced as basically a marauder. That propels him to the book’s next plot thread, the witch.

Overall, the book has a lot of action. Although it has a good art and appealing colors, it was pretty boring… pretty standard I guess. The only thing that was surprising was the vocabulary used by Jason Aaron. I guess that helps the book appeal to some kids and some parents and might give a sense of the epic to some.

After the account of Young Conan, the book moves into a tale of King Conan. It is up to at least issue #3 now.

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