Psycho Latinx Boxer Gets Hitler Slandered by Online Gay Mag

Deranged Rant by Chocho-Taco Boxer Earns Hitler Another Post-Hummus Slander – This Time from Some Queers and Their Magazine.

There is no good reason the gays and their kind are allowed to have such a free reign, to operate so publicly. Despite the assurances, the perverts and perversions are only spreading. For example, the “drag queen story hours.” What we here at Marxist Degeneracy didn’t see coming was the psychological toll that the queering effect would have on the U.S. and points around the world.

There is a Mexican boxer called Dario Larralde and the whole homo thing has got him in a bad way.

Dario Larralde seems to have been freaking out on a video he posted on Twitter. According to Instinct the boxer said:

“F**king gays, I have a f**king phobia… everywhere I go, every day, there’s always a f**king gay punk on the corner watching me. And I hate it! Why me? I’m a f**king magnet for gays,”

Dario Larralde’s video has since been deleted. However, the guy does himself no favors in coming off as a paranoid loon. In the case he isnt being smeared by the faggot media and the Mexican really is mentally torn and hot for cock, say a prayer for him, that he stays on the straight and narrow.

Uncle A

We’re Not Gonna Beat Him

Hitler said something about how if we’re not being slandered by the media everyday, we’re not doing enough. Dario invoked Hitler in his video rant stating that he agreed with Hitler that gays are a “plague.”

No word from Dario or the fag-rags when Adolf said the sodomites were a plague.

Dario has since apologized.

Dario Larralde has most gotten Hitler slandered and libelled again for the n^th. As far as I can tell, Dario himself slandered Hitler as well. Dario seems to pretty much be a shithead. He may actually be deranged and most definitely is afraid of the gays and all of them in that, again, he did apologize to them up and down. Dario’s apologies showed he lacks courage, that he is absolutely craven and just another punk fighter.

Here’s what Dario Larralde had to say:

“And you can’t even hit them because then they start with ‘Well, I’m gay!’ Gays f**king piss me off, they piss me off. I know that Hitler was a bad person, but I do support him in that.

Here’s to Adolf Hitler, still having done something to be slandered 74 years after going on to rest.

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