Deus Vult Posting: Frankie the F0Ck Up

In The Gospel of John, Jesus washed the feet of the Disciples minus Judas – who in large part symbolized The Kike(spiritual or otherwise). That was after Judas left the group to betray Jesus to High Priest et al. Christ washed the feet of the Disciples in large part to show they would carry on His Mission and to Symbolize something else. What else? That I am not sure of… maybe a few things. It was definitely to show an equality of sorts. Interloping Refugee Thieves are definitely not The Disciples and The Pope is not The Jesus. Francis is Horseshit. The lot of both are decidedly Unholy.

As a Note: Google has begun to give terrible results for questions Bible specific. A lot of results are Judeo and Evangelical Tier results in the first few results. This site, Bible Gateway, is an indispensable site:

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