Holy Thursday: Superseding The Old Covenant

The Old Covenant proper came into being when the 12 Tribes of Israel left Egypt. The 12 Tribes were originally welcomed into Egypt because Joseph, one of the 12 Patriarchs of The Israelites held high position in the Egyptian Government before the rest of the Nation came to live there. Over a few generations, together, the 12 Tribes lost favor among the Egyptians. The 12 Tribes or to keep it simple, the Israelites were seen as outsiders and/or just a threat to Egpyt and sorely mistreated.

The Israelites became second class citizens it might be said. It was the first time the Jews were first “Ghettoized.” God, however, remembered the promise he made to Abraham regarding Abraham’s seed and the promise he made to Jacob/Israel’s seed and set his plan in motion to set the Israelites free through Moses.

Moses was sent to Pharaoh to petition the release of the Israelites but God’s request fell on deaf ears Even though God asserted the Children of Israel be allowed to leave Egypt, the Pharaoh magnified himself against God. God hardened Pharaoh’s heart more so as to teach Pharaoh just who the God that said “I AM” is. God sent numerous plagues upon Egypt for Pharaoh’s disbelief against God culminating in the Passover slaughter.

The culmination of the feud between I AM and the Pharaoh was the slaying of Egypt’s first born and the Children of Israel taking flight for The Promised Land. Before they left, The Children of Israel spoiled the Egyptians, a common and sensible practice.

Moses Parted the sea, The Read Sea. The Children of Israel saw other exceedingly great miracles in the wilderness and received the 10 Commandments but were still not satisfied of God’s Greatness or that I AM was really God and their protector. He was actually ready to dispatch them. That is why they wandered 40 years.

The Children of Israel who originally fled Egypt died before entering The Promised Land. All of them died for their unbelief.

For Some People, Nothing is Never Enough

And, It Still Isn’t…

The Passover was the most important event for the Jews yesterday and today. The difference is, the Jews of yesterday were God’s people. Christ’s manifestation in the flesh and crucifixion did away with the Mosaic Laws even including the 10 Commandments. It doesn’t matter how great Charleston Heston was, at least Christ believing Gentiles are now bound by the 10 Commandments. They were part of Judaism and, Judaism is no longer viable as Christ’s Sacrifice on the Cross was the Last and Final Sacrifice. Faith in Christ is the only Salvation for any man, woman, or child who will have it – The Way the Truth and the Life. That is not to say the Christian sould not live a Godly Life.

When Christ died, the Veil in the 2nd Temple, Herod’s Temple, The Veil to the Holy of Holy’s tore in half signalling the obsolescence of a Building or Structure for God to Dwell in. God’s Temple/Dwelling place is now “among men” (mankind – man and woman), those with the Faith of Jesus Christ. God’s new Plan for Salvation is by Faith through his Grace. He destroyed Death by having His Son die hence the need for The Faith for the Blessing of Eternal Life.

Jesus Affirmed the New Covenant Plan for all peoples on “Holy Thursday.” That New Covenant Supersedes all the Laws of Moses and the 10 Commandments. Jesus’ Covenant Supersedes the Covenant with the Children of Israel making potentially members of all Nations Children of Abraham and Children of God if said men do chose so to believe in Christ.

Christ told His Disciples to Memorialize or Remember Him and His New Covenant with Bread and Wine at “The Last Supper” asking us to “do that in memory of him.” After that supper, Judas went out to turn Christ in to the High Priest. Jesus would then be crucified that next day, Friday. It was that Friday on whose Night the Passover was to be celebrated.

If you read this Today, on Holy Thursday, have some Pita and Wine “in remembrance” of him. If not, do it next year. If you don’t feel comfortable, take Communion at Church on Holy Thursdays. IMO, it’s in the top 3 most Holy Days.

Christ had strong words about doing so.


It is my understanding that weekly Mass, Weekly “Communion” is at best a non-sensical Romanism. Forgive my Glibness. However, As Christ was the Final Sacrifice, why are we – according to the Catholic (read Universal Church) – perpetually eating Jesus’ Flesh and Blood. How much does he have to give. According to The Roman’s Doctrine of Transubstantiation, Catholics literally eat Human-God-Flesh and drink Human-God-Blood every time they take “Communion.”

They just tell their flock that to get em in the seats.

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