Mining Cryptonite Coins with SRB Miner is Tight; It’s a Breeze

Cryptonite Coins are becoming very interesting considering many of the coins have a “utility” to them. Loki will have websites and apps built in. There are numerous “privacy coins.” Lethean has a VPN. Others can be used for messaging and file sharing. Others still are going for other things. As a matter of fact, there are so many Cryptonite coins now that there are at least 20 algos.


SRB Miner is a miner where as of right now, you can mine every single Cryptonite Coin. I just set up a small rig for RYO Coin with SRB Miner. RYO Coin uses the GPU Coin algo.

At first I thought it was going to be tough because the instructions said to use the Windows 10 Command Prompt or as an Alternate, the Windows Shell. I didn’t get very far with that method. I quickly noticed though that there was a walkthrough method in the files I downloaded and unzipped from SRB Miner. I answered about 8 questions in the SRB Command Prompt Window that opened in the “Guided Setup” and I am now mining. Everything was setup in no time.

The site for SRB Miner is here

It’s worth a look. The package they put together is really worth a look.

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