Truth: Pakistani Muslims Make the Best Super Heroes

The Ms. Marvel character from Marvel Comics, as far a I can tell has always been a dog. The character’s mantle has been taken on by for different fictional characters and the books have gone through four iterations/volumes. Ms. Marvel debuted in 1977. You can find the Wikipedia entry on the character here.

The first two volumes or more properly iterations of Ms. Marvel portrayed the character as a buxom blonde White woman. That all changed in 2014 when a teenage Muslim Pakistani took on the mantle of Ms. Marvel. Since 2014, there have been two volumes of books containing the teenage Muslim Ms. Marvel. The second volume has just begun. Issue #1 was released just last month. The Pakistani Ms. Marvel is the first headlining Muslim superhero. Yea Mr. White(?) We need that. We need need a lot of Muslim and/or Pakistani Muslim comic book heroes… movie stars too. Just remember, it’s all part of the plan. Marxist-Degeneracy wholeheartedly endorses max Paki. We want more Paki characters in Anime and Manga too but we digress…

Not Long Ago, Marvel did a Play on Some of Their Classic Covers. Ms. (Pakistani) Marvel’s Cover was in Homage to Captain America!

Out With the Old, In With the New Right, Fam???

Ms. Marvel has Inspired Other Amateur Covers of the same Disrespectful and Rabble Rousing Bent. On has the Above ‘Hero’ Giving Trump a Knock Out Punch Over the Visa Debacle.

Stopping to think about things, it makes sense that a Muslim could be the new Captain America as Cap is an Uber-Mensch like the Nazis were propagated to be. The thing is, our nation, Great Satan – Hallowed Be It’s Name – is still warring on Muslims. I mean the war for Syria isn’t even over and the war for Persia is probably coming.

When are we all going to learn that we, the unwashed masses should not have any opinions other than what we are presented by the ruling Oligarchical Plutocracy and their Media Machines. Let’s face it, we need our phones and other consumer electronics. We need the big time story tellers to entertain us. We don’t need our families or neighbors. We need Soylent. Someday soon, a Top Down Fascism of the Wealthy will manage our every move. They will do it through Technocracy. They will do it with tools like the Blockchain.

To all you present and future dissenters who will face execution for being Christian or for being for a Fascism that is by and for the people or for whatever type of dissenting consciousness you have, remember to “look up” and have whatever fun with whatever kind of execution (((they))) throw your way. Those ‘Elites’ Ol Alex Jones is always talking about want to behead you for the NWO(Always Read JWO)? Tell them you wanna do it facing up singing Ice, Ice Baby or some such.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil 🙂

The Martyr is Immediately Redeemed but How Long Does the Non-Christian’s Consciousness Remain???

Review of Ms. Marvel Vol. 4 #1 Coming Soon

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