Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin Facing New Court Actions

Love him or hate him, Andrew Anglin was and, still is one of the major forces in what was once seriously called the Alt Right. Things have changed greatly since the time surrounding the first Unite the Right Rally debacle. This author for one has little to do with Anglin, The Daily Stormer, and/or The Alt Right Brand any more. I do hope Anglin makes it though.

As most probably know, Anglin’s “Trollstorming” Tactics finally caught up with him when he targeted a family that wound up partnering with The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to sue him for his trolling tactics. The Family was that of Tanya Gersh. Gersh and The SPLC have launched a Civil Suit against Anglin that could destroy Anglin and the Daily Stormer provided they win. Said suit has been going on for a while. As Gersh and her family have a real heavy weight in their corner with the SPLC, so does Anglin, one Marc Randazza. Mr. Randazza is one of the best known Free of Speech Lawyers in the Country. Anglin is seemingly going to need him based on the complaint filed against Anglin. It contained around 100 of the troll messages Gersh and her family received “due to Anglin.” Some of them are pretty funny. The complaint can be found here.

The case Gersh and the SPLC has been going on since April 2017. It is finally starting to get into the nitty gritty. There have been three major developments as of late.


The Federal Judge on the case in the Montana District in which Anglin is being tried is demanding Anglin appear in Montana for deposition. According to CNN, Anglin and his Lawyer, Marc Randazza have replied,

“The court has decided [Anglin] must re-emigrate to the United States in order to defend himself,” Randazza told CNN. “Unless he has a change of heart, he is never going to cross into the United States as long as he lives.”


According to Montana Public Radio, Anglin has is willing to give a a deposition but in some sketchy places…

Court records show Anglin dubiously suggested meeting in Cuba or Venezuela for his deposition by Gersh’s lawyers.

“I have to admit that his suggestions of Caracas or Havana are positions that I am not prepared to vigorously defend,” Marc Randazza, one of Anglin’s lawyers, wrote in an email to Gersh’s attorneys.


Third, and we’re going to have to follow up on this, a Montana Judge or Magistrate that is handling the Gersh/Anglin case has ordered Anglin to disclose his net worth to the courts. This again was from Montana Public Radio.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Jeremiah Lynch on Tuesday ordered The Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin to turn over a financial statement of his current net worth by March 29 or else the court will impose sanctions against him.

It is what it is.

It’s Weird The Atlantic’s Artist Gave Him Eyes to Look like Steve McQueen…

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