The Biggest Loser, Trump or De Niro?

Donald J. Trump and Robert De Niro are both dubious characters in terms of how much respect they should be given. Trump on the one hand has seemingly always had a greater eye on how he has been perceived. For example, when toe to toe on TV with Rosie O’Donnell being called pointblank by her that he had gone bankrupt, Trump did not blink in denying that he ever went bankrupt. While Trump’s answer is true – that he never went bankrupt – a number of his corporations have. Trump is good with words. For as much as the man can relate to the common White man, he still knows what he is doing when playing in the big leagues. If you have watched his show The Apprentice, you should have also noticed that the man is also very good at marketing.

Trump has two main flaws. He has an overwhelming amount of enemies in politics and, the man has a Zionist Occupied Family, Quite Bigly.

Robert De Niro the other hand is a man that has played a bunch of iconic tough guy and mobster roles. Maybe it was him getting older, maybe it was the money but, the guy got soft. He is embarrassingly soft. He is part of the soft White underbelly of New York City.

There is something to be said about putting a bunch of tough guy movies out there and then being on the side of heavily progressive politics especially in New York. What can be said is nothing good. It is even worse De Niro postures as a tough guy while posturing and petitioning for progressive politics.

Unfortunately, both the iconic Trump and De Niro are cucks. Trump is the cuck for Israel and Di Nero, the cuck for race mixing and self-destructive causes.

Who Knew Cucks had so Much Energy and Could Accomplish So Much, Really?

And the Last Shall be First…

Trump can’t hold a woman down. He can’t keep his children from the rootless cosmopolitans either. De Niro has that movie, which was more recently a play, “A Bronx Tale” that was supposedly at east semi-biographical. It was supposed to be profound about “Love” New York City and Race-Mixing. Now De Niro is breaking up with that chocolate “love of his life” that we were to believe was at least in part the Black Girl from the film.

In “A Bronx Tale,” the mob boss said and said oh so convincingly – as to give the movie’s De Niro character his blessing said men only get three loves in their lives. That gave the young De Niro in the movie the impetus to Race-Mix against society. IIRC, the mob boss was also a frickin weirdo because he told the “De Niro” kid or someone to go down on a woman after he blows his load in her. I wouldn’t be surprised if De Niro and other weirdos do that. De Niro’s wife is taller and wider than him. De Niro’s kid’s also look nothing like him.

Anyway, De Niro will now be sans wife, at least for a bit but will still be in film. He still has those children that don’t look like him. Half his holding will go to the wife. Could he still make good movies? Maybe. Who wants to see that guy though. He’s at least half a fag. A lot of the movies De Niro put out lately seem to have just been done for a paycheck anyway. Aside from all that, I for one don’t buy gangsters who give a shit about global warming and plastic straws and just generally seem like punks n their autumn years.

What of Trump? Baron Trump is the only viable avenue for the Donald to have a viable legacy. Other than Baron, all of The Donald’s seed is going to be blended out Jewish – excepting for that blonde one nobody cares about.

The biggest Loser? The biggest loser has to be Trump. He is a boon for Zionists and a bane for Nationalism, a Wolf in Nationalists clothing. We are one giant debacle away from some real shit.

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