This Month Deplatforming the ‘AltRight’

The AltRight/Far Right or whatever we want to call ourselves is here and we are seemingly going to be for a while – at least online. I would however suggest we rebrand ourselves. IMO, the name AltRight was kind of foisted upon us by some of Richard Spencer’s people and then made worse by an expanded Hilldawg definition that included Brietbart and Infowars among other losers.

Anyway, things aren’t how they were in 2015 or 2016. Maybe they never will be that way again. Things are fractured. Things certainly won’t come together if we don’t put in the work. One thing we definitely need to do is distance ourselves and newcomers to the cause (by convincing them) that Breitbart and Infowars have no place with us in our work. That is why I am not including stories about them on this list. Both Breitbart and Infowars are establishment outlets albeit, different flavors of the Republican establishment. We here on the real AltRight/Far Right are not Classical Liberals in any sense. Check yourself if you think you are. We are Authoritarians. We are making our way forward and we need to know who we are.

Unfortunately, we(all of us) are still mostly online and our body politic is still in an embryonic state. As such, most of the stories about us are about our online activities.

Over the Last Month, There Have Been a Fair Number of Stories About the Establishment Powers Using Their Weight to Crack Down on the Far Right and Those of an Authoritarian Bent.

The Establishment Wields the Big Ban Hammer

With It, Alt Lite Faith Goldy was Deplatformed from Facebook

On or around April 8, 2019, Faith Goldy who by most people’s estimation is mostly harmless(she is Canadian) saw her content purged from Facebook. The woman is Alt Lite and has been on Israeli TV talking up European/Jewish Peace and Alliances. When she did it, she was nuanced. Faith’s problem is that she hedges her bets and is too nice. She also gave time to outright White Nationalists in Charlottesville, VA too.

In the article written about Goldy’s deplatforming and gnarly White Nationalists by the it doesn’t actually report Miss Goldy as having said anything or having done anything wrong. What it does do is rattle off the vague policies of Facebook and and the policy violations Faith supposedly broke.

Amazingly, quoted one really knowledgeable Freelance Muslim “Journalist” that stated that Miss Goldy talked about “White Supremacist ideals” like “White Genocide” back in 2015 as if that makes any sense. also was sure to add plenty of guilt by association to Miss Goldy with the following:

Facebook said the Canadian Nationalist Front, Aryan Strikeforce, Wolves of Odin and Soldiers of Odin (also known as Canadian Infidels) have also been banned from “having any further presence” on its services. The company said it also intends to remove content affiliated with those banned, including linked pages and groups. is really, amazingly, objective. Faith Goldy is Apples and Oranges with the other Groups mentioned above. She ran for Mayor of Toronto or some such. She is not NatSoc or whatever but, maybe that is the problem.

Good for Faith though. She’s one of the few of those Alt Lite Girls that are still actually doing things. I’m looking at Lauren Rose here as the one who has fizzled out. She’s the one that fizzled out people. Lauren Southern seems to be nowhere too though.

Anyway, if you wanna see a hit piece that couldn’t be any more obvious, scroll back to this link when you’re done.

Next Forbes, a Money Magazine of All Things has a Senior Contributor on the Case of AltRight and Far Right Wrong Think. The Fruit’s Name is Dani Di Placido

This is What He Writes About:

He Looks to Have It in for PewDiePie too

I wonder what an exchange between that Dani Di Pacido and Sam Hyde would be like?

Regardless of how politicized everything gets – and believe you me – a lot more things are going to be politicized, there will be more Dan Di Placido’s and Joe Bernstien’s stirring the pot of and for the plebs.

According to a site called the shooter in custody the recent New Zealand Mosque stated:

“Fortnite trained me to be a killer,”

That the shooter and his quote was added at the end of WBUR’s article was no mistake. Said piece from WBUR was a standard propaganda piece. The thing is, it was presented as a piece to scare people into looking at online video games as a Gateway to White Supremacy – whatever that means – the definition is different depending on the context in which it is mentioned.

Anyway, literally one quarter of the WBUR article has to do with people getting racial ideas from playing video games online. The other three quarters are telling people how much potential danger they’re in and or are once they have them.

Don’t Call It a Call Come Back.

We Have Plenty of Avenues to Pursue.

These Scumbags may think they have us on the run. The fact is, we have suffered heavy losses. We still have time though to get back in the game and we should have enough vets to get some things accomplished. The people coming after us want to at least demoralize and degrade us whether we roll over or not.

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