Comics First Look: The Magnificent (Young Pakistani) Ms. Marvel #1

It is super odd that Disney/Marvel is putting so much time and energy into a book about Female College-Aged Pakistani Ms. Marvel. The book being reviewed here is the second volume of the Pakistani Ms. Marvel. Number 1 just came out last month. Based on the structure of the book, it in no way seems to be a reboot because the last volume ended out smoothly at around issue #40.

This second volume starts from scratch about who the character is. Ms. Marvel is reintroduced along with her supporting cast too. Interestingly enough, the book also introduces her as a hero that children in the distant future are told bedtime stories about. This second volume of the Pakistani Ms. Marvel introduces her as one of the Greatest Heroes ever on the Meta Level. That is very hard to swallow.

One thing that I will say that was a smart thing Disney/Marvel did with the character did with this Muslim Ms Marvel was to make her Pakistani. It is hard to say how many people would have went for a Middle Eastern Muslim Super Hero. It may have been too “Terrorist.”

Getting to the book, it is surprisingly likable. Ms. Marvel’s name is Kamala Khan and she is hip and fun. The book is pretty much fun. The characters even though Paki are drawn attractively with mostly Aryan features. The book is a true work of ‘propaganda’ for the impressionable.

Pakistanis are Pakistanis are Pakistanis. How many Americans really know what a Pakistani really is though. It seems likely that the propaganda in this book is at three fold. U.S. Muslim relations, “Muslim American,” relations, Melting Pot Purposes then the book is probably use for feminist reasons too.

She’s so Fucking Cool.

She’s so Fucking Cool. Just Like AOT.

AOT is destined for big things and so is this iteration of Ms. Marvel. Disney/Marvel just needs to keep all the millions of Ms Marvel fans interested long enough and/or make more people fans of the Ms. Marvel above so they can wow you with their grand plan. It will obviously be great! As will AOT!

Ms Marvel is totally relatable for the younger folks to here in America. She has a great albeit cliche’ fight with her totally Americanized parents(her dad looks a little like Carl like Aqua Teen Hunger Force but is more barrel shaped) before disobeying them and running off with her cellphone to see her friend like any totally disrespectful American teenager would do.

The book ends in a bizarre cliff hanger but, not before Ms. Marvel battles a duo of unknown and presumably lightweight super villains.


Though some of the dialogue in the beginning was fun, I resign The Magnificent Ms. Marvel to the garbage can fire. There will also be plenty more lightweight villains attacking Ms. Marvel’s Hometown of Jersey City, New Jersey and Ms. Marvel will never ever save the Universe as she is said to in the beginning of the book.

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