Nintendo Bans User Generated Trans-Themed Levels

Believe it or not, cross-referencing trans and video games, trans in the video games are not a new phenomenon. Trans characters seem to be most popular in role playing games. The latest trans character looks to have been in the Mass Effect franchise. There was one in Super Mario Bros. 2 too according to where I got all of that information. Final Fantasy VII has the most famous trans character, one called Sephiroth. Interestingly enough, in Jewish Mysticism or Magic, there are 10(really 11) spheres on their ‘Tree of Life’ called Sephiroth. At least one of those Sephiroth is androgynous. came up with five androgynous or trans video game characters. The latest Spiderman game had gay banners displayed openly around the game’s version of New York City. However, there has never been an openly gay lead in any video game. Furthermore, the dipshit that played in the second set of Spiderman movies who never made got to make a third Spiderman movie, James Garfield he wanted Spiderman to be a homo. We here at Marxist-Degeneracy wonder if it was because he was quoted as thinking that it would be a right good and interesting idea if MJ instead of Mary Jane were a dude that he never completed a Spiderman trilogy.

Thank God Our People Have Not Yet Degenerated So As Of Yet

Smash Bros May Not Be For Mom, Dad and All of 5 Their Kids but, as it is, Some Unsavory Elements are Trying to Muscle there Way in on it.

Mario Party and Mario Kart seem to be the franchises for everyone. Smash Bros is a fighter. It has tons of fighters. Fighting however is not for everyone. One of the things that differentiates the game is that the players themselves can generate arenas. Eurogamer reported that the levels developed drew the standard fair of racisms and explicit content. That content was promptly removed.

Level Designs with ‘Trans Rights’ Flags are Getting Knicked too.

And the Trans are None Too Happy With the House of Mario. The House of Mario Ain’t Really Feeling Their Flag.

According to Eurogamer, Nintendo has not yet deleted all of the trans inspired levels. As of April 21, there were “between 70 and 80 stages with trans flags currently online.”

A lot of gamer news sites picked up this story. They focused on a certain agitator and his Twitter ‘activism.’

Here is the “meat and potatoes of the Tweets he posted:

I for one am glad to see that Nintendo sees trans content as “Inappropriate and/or Harmful Content. If nothing else, the suicide rate among the trans ‘community’ is astronomical. Not only is the ban for their own good but it also sets a good example for the youth and anyone on the fences. The fruit that is agonizing about “muh Rights” really hasn’t even garnered that much support on Twitter. He may actually may be causing more suicides complaining about this. Most people don’t want to be around a transexual. As such said transexuals don’t have much to do. They don’t need to feel alienated from Nintendo too.

I mean C’mon!

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