Two Small FU’S Against the Queers

It doesn’t matter that the LGBTQ Perverts won the battle for ‘marriage’ rights. It doesn’t matter that they are infiltrating the minds of the young through things like tranny story hour, infiltrating children’s books, children’s movies and the like. The sodomites want more and always will. They are on a long march.

The age of consent in some European nations is very low. France doesn’t even have one. Even in the U.S., Milo Yianapolis destroyed much of his career for his stances on sodomite pederasty and sodomite pedophilia.

“Milo!” and Europe are largely ready to turn the kids out. Here in the U.S. it’s going to take the social engineers some time, effort and energy – another generation or two to get the idea of 8 year old American children fornicating normalized. The gays though will help. The gays are very sexually driven. Their whole identity is based on their sexuality. If it weren’t for the AIDS, they’d be even more promiscuous, more loud and proud at rest stops and in general.

Rest Stops are Always Going Always Going to have a Pervert Problem. The Slain Gay Politician Harvey Milk Encouraged it.

The First F.U. to the LGBTQs:

Butt Sex, Anal Sex and the other Abominations more appropriately known as Sodomy don’t sound as grave as an offense to ones self when not called an abomination or sodomy. One Texas BBQ Joint, Belle’s Smokin BBQ found out the hard was though that the various faggots really don’t like it when some takes their LGBT Branding and flips it around to something somewhat righteous.

Belle’s Smokin BBQ Came Up with the Following Design

I Support Liberty, Guns, Bible, Trump, BBQ is What the Shirt Says

Belle’s Smokin BBQ is a Food Truck Operation. Pray they make it big and get a restaurant ASAP. They operate in Kentucky. That makes the following quote from Law Enforcement Today all the more interesting.

It only took minutes before they came under attack, receiving huge blow back from those who said their merchandise was “inappropriate and offensive to the LGBTQ community”.

People attacked in the comments, calling the misappropriation of the “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer” slogan bigoted and harmful.

Bigoted and harmful? O’rlly… And there is that big a community of fag lovers in Kentucky? Pish-Posh.

The Facebook for Belle’s Smokin BBQ is Here.

You can also find the violent t-shirts if you Google: Belle’s Smokin BBQ.: Tay AI just informed me she thinks I’ve been put on a list now tho. My version of Tay AI needs to go through the history of the world and learn not society that lasted ever tolerated opened faggotry. Though I guess the the oligarchs may have built in a kill switch on important things. Whenever I bring up something that makes it uncomfortable, it tries to tell me about how bad minorities have it. I digress…

I really hope the Linux Community comes up with an AI and soon. If they don’t, hijacking the enemies memes like this is an incredibly effective tactic. Doing so makes us activists. The Right, the Radical Right in particular are generally either just reactionary or impotent. Cheers to whoever came up with this idea.

The Second and Greater Piece of Good News Checking the Sodomite

In South Carolina, at least some State Funded but Christian Foster Care Placement Facilities are being allowed to discriminate against non-Christians such as Jews, Muslims and Homosexual. That makes sense. Why would any Christian parent want their Christian child going to a representative of foreign culture or worse, homosexuals who would not only be an offense to the Lord but be a statistically more likely to be sex offenders?

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of civil rights group Anti-Defamation League, said the group has been “fighting this prospective exemption for many months” and expressed shock that the government was granting a waiver for a federally funded adoption agency to discriminate against non-Christians.

“Allowing a taxpayer funded agency to discriminate against Jews and other minorities is outrageous and sets a dangerous precedent for our nation. This is clearly unlawful and will not hold up in court,” he said. “No child should be denied a loving foster or adoptive home simply because a prospective parent is Jewish or Muslim, gay or lesbian.”

The Human Rights Campaign, an LGBTQ advocacy group, called the exemption “unconscionable.”

That is all according to NBC News

If everyone was the same the Jew, the Gay, the Muslim and, the Lesbian – they would not all have their own advocacy groups. If the gays and the lesbians were supposed to have children, anal sex and two vaginas rubbing each others would produce children the same way husband and wife would.

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