Google, Firefox, SPLC and a Slew of Others are Out to Stifle

For Freedom of Speech on regular Social Media, – now is the place to be. However, Gab does have it’s limits both legally and in terms of taste. A group that had a “board” on Gab by the name of “Street Shitter” have been largely routed and removed from Gab’s platform… for some reason.

No matter however many people Gab and it’s CEO Andrew Torba do kick off of Gab, Gab is seen as too extreme for its speech policies. The Southern Poverty Law Center is following Gab as one of their enemies. In their latest article on Gab, they make the generally clean cut “All American” looking CEO of Gab, Andrew Torba look sketchy-as-fuck. They show him in an unfocused picture walking out of the woods. Did he just dump a body? I guess he could have… Two mass murders were users of his site so, it is possible Torba himself at least dumps bodies, right?

The ostensible reason the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) wrote the article about Gab AI and Torba was to advertise that Gab AI is not going to be able to get the money it wants and needs to expand. The SPLC wrote of Gab AI in their “HateWatch” section. Doing so, they implicitly link Freedom of Speech with Mass Murder. One wonders how many Jewish, Black, murderers and criminals of other stripes can be linked to not only the SPLC but to Social Media in general. The SPLC are Not the Only Finger Pointers Though:

The Perennial Finger Pointers that are The SPLC are not the Only Ones Beefing with Gab AI.

Industry Oligarchs are Against Gab and Probably Free Speech too.

According to The Verge, a slew of platforms were already shutting Gab AI out from services when it was found that one of it’s users committed a massacre at a synagogue. Gab AI had no way of knowing what the user and suspect was going to do. He did not broadcast any specific intent and as such, Gab AI is not being held liable for the crimes of one Robert Bowers and nor are they being sued in Civil Court at this time. Again, this is another issue as to whether as a collective we should have Freedom of Speech.

Gab AI and Torba are not deterred. Gab is pushing ahead with it’s stated Free Speech Agenda and further developing Gab AI. Gab is also developing a comment Plug-In called “Dissenter.” Dissenter is designed to run in browsers. Mozilla and Google have already stated that Dissenter will not be allowed to run in their browsers. Google actually froze YouTube comment interactivity at least a year ago and just recently did away with Google Plus.

Dissenter like Gab AI could be a game changer if enough people of different stripes and/or walks of life used those platforms. I think that is why Google shut their shit down. Comments and Speech are, in general being shut down all over. There is hardly a place left to comment. That kind of interactivity has been in the process of shutdown since at least 2015.

This is America, Land of The Great Satan. Thomas Jefferson removed all miracles and Godliness from his Bible. His bro, Thomas Paine was an Atheist. They said and did what they wanted. Those men gave us Freedom of Speech in the Constitution they wrote. The ruling Plutocratic Devils that run shit now want to shut our shit down so as to better manage use and so we don’t shut down their shit. They are shutting down ourshit and they are winning. The thing is, we can do Authoritarianism better than them and do it justly. It has been done in Germany ~1933. Absolute Power Corrupting Absolutely is a canard. No one but The Lord has it and no one ever will. These computer freaks are getting more and more power every day though, too much power for the maintenance of their vision for society.

In terms of dialectics or as a strategy of tensions, a platform like Gab AI would be a good platform for anybody’s Intelligence Services to invest in. The other side of the coin, the other polarity would be played by the SPLC or ADL until the “project’s” objectives are met.

Where we go from here is uncertain but, the right is most definitely too scattered. We need a new banner to regroup behind. A safer one too albeit still Authoritarian and Fascist. Those who don’t think that there is a enough accumulated wisdom and science to dictate how part of our lives are lived should go touch a hot stove and keep touching it.

As for Gab, Brave Browser is going to be helping them. If you are not on there already, you might want to take it for a spin. I need to.

Say a prayer for decentralization.

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