Vans will be Releasing Harry Potter Shoes

I wish both Vans and Harry Potter would go away. Better yet, I wish they never existed. As a Millennial, Vans was big with like Grunge then like after 9/11. They never really make anything new. They don’t really make anything new that’s all that appealing. All their good stuff is pretty much just re-releases if the same shoes over and over again. They do so ad nauseam either with different colors and/or fabrics.

Vans has a new way to sell their same old shoes now. They do so with “collaborations.” Mental Floss has Vans recorded as doing “recent releases of Van Gogh-, David Bowie-, and NASA-themed” sneakers. I can understand the appeal of those collaborations/themes with Vans’ Skateboarding/Hipster/RockAndRoll/Scene/Lifestyle customers. Harry Potter, I do not get. I hope to never get it.

I hope that you and I, Dear Reader, never ever have to watch any Harry Potter movies at length.

Maybe Vans’ Sales are Slipping?

Harry Potter came out in 1997. Who knows how long people are going to lap it up. Apparently, Harry Potter is now on Broadway Show at this point too.

Don’t go, Dear Reader. Don’t go to Harry Potter on Broadway, Ever.

The Harry Potter Movie’s female lead, Emma Watson, is seemingly irrevocably damaged by Hollywood Progressivism and works for the U.N. in promotion of unnatural gender roles – pray for her soul. The dude who played Harry jumped into the role of a fucking narc skinhead “neo-nazi” in a movie called “Imperium.” He goes by Daniel Radcliffe and is Jewish. The writers and studio(Lionsgate Premiere) that put the film out slandered every man woman and child of all races as having at least a victim complex if they have something akin to “pride” in their race. The victim complex thing was the moral of “Imperium.” The title, “Imperium” was no doubt chosen to mock the late Francis Parker Yockey’s book of the same name.

Needless to say, no Nationalist should be looking to rock anything Vans anytime soon excepting for what they have. Vans has yet to release any photos of their upcoming Vans X Harry Potter product.

The Vans’ Site has the Picture Below Animated with a Water Effect, Only That Right Now.

If the Product is Douchy Enough, We’ll Cover It and Mock It and Harry Potter, Cheers.


Make sure to never see certain movies to prove you are better than everyone else.

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