The CIA has Taken to Instagram

Instagram. It’s okay, right? It’s another “micro blog” site. It is different from Twitter in that it’s a more photo-centeric website.

As opposed to it being run by Twitter like Jack Dorsey, It’s run by that “more human than human” Kick Mark Zuckerberg. If it will ever become the new Facebook like Facebook became the new Myspace, IDK. It would show the power of what could be the coming Sino-Kick Alliance.

The CIA is getting in on it:

2 Posts and 92.k Followers is quite the Ratio. I wonder how many bots are following the CIA’s Instagram…

There are no bots on Instagram though, right? Only Facebook has all the illegitimacy that that high-energy kicks-kike Mark-O Zuckerberg has been routing out over on his tubes.

What It is:

Right now, the CIA’s presence is just a bunch of P.R. B.S. for the folk that must be rube, unless the C.I.A. has put some secret coding into their posts.


I’m sure an Arabic account was just the first one to comment too

Und Die:

The Above is Not a Planned, Staged, and Workshoped Photo, I’m Sure…

According to CBS News,

The account, “@cia,” is the latest addition to the secretive agency’s existing social media presence on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and, perhaps most recognizably, Twitter, and marks a new effort to boost public engagement. It garnered over 2,000 followers and over 100 comments — some more benevolent than others — within hours of going live.

I’m sure all my dear readers will have hours of interaction with @cia in the coming years.

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