Facebook is Out?

Facebook is complicated. Instagram is quick and simple and, Instagram is now. From a business standpoint, it was smart of Zuckerberg’s Facebook to buy Instagram. Maybe they can do what they did to Twitter what they did to MySpace. Then all their Social Media is theirs. Facebook has Messenger too.

Instagram’s Growth is booming. According to Buzzfeed:

Instagram’s growth is exploding. Last June, the app reached 1 billion monthly active users, 200 million more than the year before, which gained 200 million more users than the year before that.

That same article mentions Facebook has had it’s share of problems,

Scarred by a seemingly endless parade of scandals and troubled by an ongoing decline in usage among teens and millennials, Facebook’s leadership seems to be trying to recreate its flatlining social network on Instagram, its younger, hipper, money-making, and still relatively scandal-free arm.

Frankly, Buzzfeed seems thrilled Facebook is tanking and Instagram is on the rise. Buzzfeed is promoting Instagram.

The Thing is…

Or Does It???

Will It?

Look, Instagram has got the celebs or, they are getting them. They have Martina Markota and they just got the C.I.A. The thing is, Twitter has the C.I.A. and Martina Markota.

Think about what’s next tho…

Are we to jump ship to Team Zuck? What is the next Social Media? Do we want a lean and mean Facebook run by that same Jew-Boy? We need Next-Gen Social Media. What if Twitter was more like a video game? If you know what I’m saying… Zuck is cool. I know. Isn’t Zuck a little 2003? That was when Zuck was human – unless he was referring to a different time period in his life…

Think about it, fren.

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