Is Terrorism Season Here? It Seems Like It Is

Happenings? What happened to the happenings, folks? Are they starting again? It seems like the terrorisms are back. If so, that is not a good thing. Just searching “Terror” today on Google News has returned so much.

That Synagogue Shooter started it all. I’m not talking about that “screw your optics” guy. There is that guy from PA that is supposed to have posted to /pol/ and Pastebin. The Shooter was supposed to have posted a manifesto all the news outlets are reporting on but, it is nowhere to be found.

This is a Problem…

Then, We’ve got a Weird Looking Islamist Nigger…

We’ve Got Some Nog in Bama


IDK WTF he was doing though.

PBS Says It’s Coming


That’s an article on how the U.S. should handle all the Terror.

They literally say “How the U.S should handle…”

PBS is owned by the U.S. BTW.

The Jews in Haaretz

They say White Pride Ppl are going crazy or will behind a paywall here.

The Muslims are Supposed to be a Coming Problem to. ISIS Niggas and Such…

ISIS is said to be changing footing and going terror. Here.

Then, Trump is going after “The Muslim Brotherhood.” The Muslim Brotherhood is a “fair-weather-friend of these United States – our government anyway.

Pumped Up Kicks

Unholy Terror.

The band Terror salutes tho!

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