Japan’s New Emperor is a Fruit

Death to Traitors

The new Japanese Emperor has already set his sights on working towards “world peace.” They have been working towards that since 1939 and earlier. We don’t need their solutions.

Hitler had Hirohito as an ally. All Hitler wanted was his peoples’ land back. That led to the Iron Curtain, numerous nations conquered by the Communists. All the Capitalist Roosevelt wanted was for the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor and for it to look good. My Grand Mother’s neighbor went to the bottom of the harbor – at least the coin she gave him did.

Where is the peace?

Sam Hyde has done a better job. Sam, Nick and the little guy.

What is the peace? A game of give and take? Last I checked, the only people who are winning are the Jews. America First Trump gave them Jerusalem – fait accompli.

Hirohito was most assuredly a warring Emperor. He created fanatics. The Capitalists and Communists won, they won against The SS and The Kamikaze and we as a world have been bending over backwards to accomplish “world peace.”

The Japanese are killing themselves. They are not replacing themselves. The West is dying out too. The difference is, The West is letting infinity coloured people into our disposable cultures. Wat are they going to do when we are gone? Who is going to lead the coffee coloured hordes? Who is going to feed them? Who is going to lead them to world peace?

Why do we need a world civilization. Some people, like those of the West have already proved the melting pot doesn’t work.

We should be free to refine our own nations.

Asshole Needs to Rebuild His Own Nation.

In a brief ceremony, Naruhito, 59 vowed to stay close to the Japanese people and work for world peace.

May God Help Us

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