Werewolves are ‘Trans’ in X-Men Now

X-Men, whether they have always been or not, are now analogs for the LGBTQ-etc deviant of Mankind. The newest issue of Uncanny X-Men, Uncanny X-Men #17, is claimed to have just told the story of trans-mutant being murdered. It doesn’t seem that that is true.

Comics News Coverage, Big Publications, Say Otherwise:

Having Read Uncanny X-Men #17, I Can Say There is No Trans-Mutatant or Trans-Gender in the Story:

There is no trans-mutilator or trans-whatever in Uncanny X-Men #17. The ‘mutant’ that dies is a ‘female werewolf.’ Said character is depicted on a park bench. It is alone at night trying to “trap” dudes. The thing is basically a whore, admits to it, and then because it’s a pacifist let’s itself be beaten to death as things go wrong.

It’s a Painfully Odd Story in Total

The Writer, Matthew Rosenberg Talked Like the Story was Terribly Important on a Trite Twitter Thread:

In the book, the deaths in of X-Men were played up to the n-th degree. The book as a whole is a cliched SJW Propaganda Piece. The whole story is also flat. The book is uninteresting aside from its propaganda considerations. There is however no real impetus to see a female werewolf character as ‘trans’ other than that people want it to be.

The reaction to the story by the comic news organizations is most likely manufactured. The comic book news orgs are at best grasping at straws to portray the female werewolf character as a transgender. The importance the book, the Tweets, and the reactions from the comic book news publications placed in Uncanny X-Men #17 does shine light on how and why the already self-mutilating and mentally ill IRL transgenders are finding the self-importance to both continue in abomination and kill themselves.

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