Homo x Converse: Sodomite Shoes

I thought the queers looking to buy Harry Potter x Vans shoes were bad. This week brings us Converses ‘Pride Collection’ or Sodomite Shoes. Good looks to @CEOEricHayden for finding the announcement from Converse.

The child with the lost soul, Desmond is Amazing, is apparently getting paid to promote Converse’s promotion of homosexuality on old shoes – some that were designed decades ago.

The way things are going, in the now and in the future, iconoclasm may come from brands like Converse that push the same old tired wares mixed with poison whether it’s cultural or otherwise.

Nike bought Converse in 2003. Converse went on to try and sell shoes for skateboarding mostly unsuccessfully and sold whatever else they sold. Who knows how well they do now and who really cares. It is doubtful they will get much traction with their homosexual line, now or in the future.

The Home Page at Converse is now this:

Converse Features Female Skateboarding Carpet Mucher Alexis Sablone

It’s hard to tell that the dumpy looking gender-queer above is a gril but, she is. I remember seeing her skating at some spots some time ago and her not liking me. It seemed like she didn’t like me for me – a White Male Christian. She said something she thought was cutting and ran way when it didn’t cut. Now instead of just spreading AIDS skating in the streets, she spreads it in ads. I didn’t realize she wasn’t boy. May God Bless her.

The big news this year by way of Converse by way of Mashable is that “Converse has ever had a trans-specific sneaker.”

Unfortunately, the trans banners and therefore the trans are moving forward. It’d be something to see how the disease that is gender-disphoria really works. It used to be, people just talked openly about the devilishness family members and others related to some of the LGBTQ’s did.

Anyway, put in your SELL ORDERS for Converse for now.

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