Denver’s Swastika Acres is No More!

Denver is a red state. It is also an epicenter of the marijuana revolution that is sweeping the nation. They’ve snowboarding. They also had a town called Swastika Acres. The town has that name no more. The town as changed it’s name to Cherry Hills Village.

Looking to the Jew as I often do – they’re into everything – The Intermountain Jewish News had this wisdom to share about Swastika Acres’ name change:

Cherry Hills Village’s mayor, Russell Stewart, said changing the name was “the right thing to do.” Perhaps he is right, but the decision to erase the name means that we’re continuing to allow Hitler’s use of the symbol to control our perception of it.

The swastika was wrongfully besmirched by the Nazis, but defiled it was. So how do we deal with it now? Do we choose to empower its status as a forbidden symbol, ensuring that it retains its visceral power to shock and offend? Or do we try to understand the symbol in its entirety, exploring its meaning in other faiths and cultures?

As we can see, the mayor of Cherry Hills Village has helped facilitate Swastika Acres’ the name change. As such we can see in the Jew’s column for the Intermountain Jewish News above, understanding regarding the Swastika follows.The Jew who wrote it even champions the Swastika in the quote above. It is understanding and reasonable about the nature of the Swastika.

As you can read below, the Jews another Jew was on the Swastika of Swastika Acres. According to the Denver Post a Jew was largely responsible for Swastika Acres name change:

“I think it’s important for our community to bring some closure to this issue,” said Councilman Dan Sheldon, who spearheaded the renaming effort. “The community has cried out for this to be changed.”

Does this mean the Jews have taken Swastika Acres? I’m not sure. There was already one living there. It seems the Jew’s operations since WWII are still in mop up. I doubt they will be re-releasing or legitimately praising the Swastika any time soon. After all, it is a Christian Symbol too.

I am unsure of where these are from:

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