Magic Mushrooms Legal in Denver

Colorado was huge in legalizing marijuana. I know some carpet bagging kike who wound up in Colorado working for a bunch called NORML or The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. That group has a website here. Potheads are fucking losers and a lot are White Trash losers. They head into the rest of the psychedelics next. There is a whole culture built around degenerate spiritual horseshit. There is even a bunch bringing it to Christianity. Those included in that are the likes of the devils FaceLikeThenSun and ZenGarcia. Ironically or not, both are deracinated pieces of shit from Asia. Those men are not “model minorities.”

The whole marijuana thing is a further degrading of the average man and his family. Marijuana is a bad thing. Marijuana is a gateway drug. Marijuana, used regularly loosens the mind long term. It leads to people degrading themselves, their morals and their general grasp on reality. Hence the degenerate spiritual cultural state of the pothead. It leads to more psychedelics and then maybe coke.

The “pot for everyone” laws are nothing more than part of the plan to ruin the White Man and everyone else who goes for it. Anyone involved in the movements the media refers to as the “Alt Right” should gtfo if they think and thought marijuana legalization is a good thing. Legalization of marijuana is nothing but one of the problems we face as a country. Among all the other problems marijuana brings, aforementioned and not, it’s not good for potential parents and their offspring.

According to The March of Dimes:

The March of Dimes States Outright that in Terms of Marijuana and Pregnancy:

  • No amount of marijuana has been proven safe to use during pregnancy.
  • Using marijuana during pregnancy may cause problems for your baby, like premature birth, problems with brain development and stillbirth.
  • It’s not safe to use marijuana to treat morning sickness. Talk to your health care provider about treatments that are safer for your baby.
  • If you use marijuana, don’t breastfeed. You may pass chemicals from marijuana to your baby through breast milk.
  • Talk to your provider if you need help to quit using marijuana or any other street drug.

The website for The March of Dimes, Marijuana and Pregnancy is here.

Magic Mushrooms

As our government and cultural masters are wont to do, as one bag of shit is unleashed upon society, another one is in wait. The next step in further opiating the masses is looking like more psychedelics, at least in Denver, Colorado. According to Ballotopedia, the people of Denver have voted to:

vote in favor of making the adult possession and use of psilocybin mushrooms the lowest law enforcement priority in Denver and prohibiting the city from spending resources on enforcing related penalties.

The impetus to bring the issue of the legalization of psilocybin to a vote, like marijuana are the supposed health benefits. NPR had it that:

Supporters point to research suggesting psilocybin is not addictive and causes few ER visits compared with other illegal drugs. Ongoing medical research shows it could be a groundbreaking medicine for treatment-resistant depression and to help curb nicotine addiction.

It’s all very odd that psilocybin has been straight decriminalized so that the depressed and smokers can get better medical attention. Odd is to say the least but, over 50% of the Denver voters have voted to “legalize it.”

No doubt there are other municipalities in Colorado that are looking to legalize psilocybin. The other states that are at this time looking to legalize that shit are California, Iowa and Oregon.

Good luck with all that.

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